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Deaimon Anime Adaptation Release Date Announced! More To Know

Fans of the Deaimon series can finally ease their tensions because the makers have good news for them. The wait for the anime adaptation of the popular slice-of-life manga has finally come to an end. The release window for the show has finally been announced. This Tuesday, the official Twitter account of the manga revealed many new updates in regards to the anime adaptation. Moreover, a new visual was also shared on its social media accounts. Here is all you need to know about the new venture.

The Deaimon series is a popular Japanese Seinen manga that first came out in May 2016. Rin Asano is the writer and illustrator of the text. The manga revolves around the themes of slice-of-life and family drama. Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine serialized the eleven volumes of the manga. Now, the twelfth edition is due next October. Moreover, the Television adaptation by Encourage Films is also awaited after the first announcement in April 2021.


Deaimon Anime Adaptation: What Is The Premise?

According to the official synopsis by ANN, the story of Deaimon revolves around a middle-aged man named Nagomu. Nagomu leaves his well-settled house and moves to a bigger city to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. But a sudden health crisis in his family forces him to return back to Kyoto. Now, Nagomu looks after his ailing father and runs the confectionary shop in the town. While he was not around, Itsuka joined the shop and started working there.

Itsuka was a young orphan girl with no guardian like Nagomu to look after her. Thus, the story of Deaimon revolves around the bond shared between these dysfunctional characters. While Itsuka understands the value of a home and family, Nagomu strives to see the world and escape in the city lights. It will be interesting to see how this heart-rending slice of life translates on the screens in the coming year.


Cast & Crew!

The official social media sites of the manga revealed a brand-new list of staff members that will be working on the new anime project. AOKANA fame director Fumitoshi Oizaki is on board to direct this anime. Along with him, Reiko Yoshida will be working as the scriptwriter. Moreover, Sakae Shibuya will be handling the character designing department of the show. For now, the makers have only revealed the names of the lead cast members of the show.

This includes Nobunaga Shimazaki as Nagomu Irino and Kozue Yūki in the role of Itsuka Yukihira. Hence, this able team will be working at Encourage Films Studios to bring this beautiful venture to the floors.


Deaimon Anime Adaptation: Release Date

For now, neither the makers nor Encourage Films has opened up about the solid release date of the show. But the recent update on the social media of the manga suggests that the Deaimon Anime Adaptation is slated for a 2022 television broadcast. More updates will soon unfold as the series comes closer to the release schedule.