Fuuka Season 2: Canceled? But Why? Will It Ever Release? Everything To Know

We’re only a few months away from the fourth anniversary of the Fuuka anime. Yet, its fans are still hoping for a sequel. Well, reports suggest that Fuuka Season 2 has no hopes to return to the screens. However, anime producer Diomedéa has not announced the official cancellation of the series. Will it ever release? What are the chances? Here’s everything you need to know to clear your doubts.

The Fuuka anime is an adaptation of a manga series of the same name. Written and Illustrated by mangaka Kōji Seo, the series gained popularity right after its release back in February 2014. In early 2017, Studio Diomedéa launched the anime adaptation in Japan. Crunchyroll later licensed the television animated show in North America. Whereas, Funimated premiered its simuldub later that year.

Fuuka Season 2: Renewal Details!

Is There Any Hope?

While the musical anime’s sequel has not been canceled, chances for its return are very meager. Even though the first season created a buzz amongst otakus, it was poorly rated upon release. Despite having an interesting plotline, the first season failed to be a perfect production. Besides, with respect to financial aspects (including Blu-Ray and DVD sales), the anime wasn’t a sell-out. In today’s day and time, creators have plenty of ideas and content available to adapt into anime. Diomedéa or any other studio might not put in money in a show that did perform well in its first chance.

On the other hand, Diomedéa is infamous for not producing sequels. Moreover, it won’t be easy for Fuuka Season 2 to be picked up by any other animation studio either. That being said, until the official cancellation is announced, there will always be hope for the anime’s return.

Fuuka Season 2

Is There Enough Source Material For A New Season?

Fortunately, there still plenty of content left for Fuuka Season 2 to adapt. The Fuuka manga series consists of a total of 195 chapters compiled in 20 volumes. However, its anime adaptation only follows the first 30 chapters and starts diverging from the story after that. Thus, even if the sequel is renewed, it will be hard for it to follow the manga.

On the other hand, the Fuuka manga series was wrapped up way back in April 2018. While the first season was used to promote its last few volumes, the sequel has no content to promote. Most of the anime series exist only to promote their source material. In fact, a significant section of their revenue is earned through the manga/LN/video game sales. Hence, the second season might not get funded by its producers this time.

Fuuka Season 2: Release Date

As of now, Diomedéa has not announced the renewal of Fuuka Season 2. Since the sequel has low chances of return, it’s hard to predict a premiere window. It’s about to be four years since the last air of the anime. Hence, if it doesn’t return by 2021, there would be zero hope for it after that.

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