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Girls Last Tour Review [Spoiler-Free] | The Anime Daily

White Fox delivers yet another masterpiece! Girls Last Tour or Shōjo Shūmatsu Ryokō is one of the best post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime of the last decade. The premise is heart-wrenching yet exciting as we come across new adventures every new episode. However, this anime is not a cup of tea for everyone. Hence, here’s a Spoiler-Free Girl’s Last Tour Review for you to decide whether to devote your time or not.

The anime adaptation of Tsukumizu’s critically-acclaimed manga series debuted back in October 2017. Both the manga and anime have been rated well by the audience and critics alike. In fact, the television series won the “Best Slice of Life” category in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards 2018. However, despite being an ambitious project by White Fox Studio, Girls Last Tour is still unheard of and deserves much more attention.

The story of the anime centers around two young girls in a post-apocalyptic world. The world came to an end due to a war that no-one won, leaving behind Chito and Yuuri. They wander around the ruins of the civilization on their vintage motorbike Kettenkrad, in order to survive. Even in the wasteland, the two of them come across plenty of reasons to keep living.

Reasons You MUST Watch Girl’s Last Tour 

  • The Art

Studio White Fox has put in a lot of effort in the animation of Girl’s Last Tour. Every single episode of the show offers excellent details. Director Takaharu Ozaki has devoted some of his greatest shots to the anime’s premise. The artistic quality of its animation serves the narrative of the series.

  • The Characters

Chito and Yuuri are some of the strongest female characters of all time. Their personalities grow as they fight difficulties in the empty world. Being the sole survivors of the apocalypse, they come across many conflicts, yet, they manage to stay together and support each other. Despite all that, the characters remain innocent until the very end and give us many Kawaii moments.

  • Best Slice Of Life Anime

You can’t help but love the dark theme and background of the anime. The realistic representation of the war-torn dystopian world is heart-wrenching. Yet, it’s still exciting to go through adventures with the girls. The mysterious setting and dense atmosphere add meaning to the anime’s content.

Overall, Girl’s Last Tour is a good watch, and every episode has a lot to offer. Even though there’s isn’t much of a plot or goal, the premise keeps you hooked. However, for those who can’t handle the dark theme can totally skip this show. The anime is unlike any anime out there, hence, it sure deserves a watch. Do tell us in the comment section about Girls Last Tour Review.

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