Izetta The Last Witch Season 2: [Latest Updates] Will There Be A Sequel?

It’s been four years since the fans last saw Izetta on screen, and now they are eagerly waiting for Izetta The Last Witch Season 2. Over the course of these years, a lot of rumors made their rounds that the fans will see its second season very soon. However, they never got an official confirmation from the creators. So, will the fans be able to see its second installment? Continue reading to know.

Izetta: The Last Witch is a Japanese fantasy anime TV series. The makers announced this project on the inaugural of a website in June 2016. Mayasa Fujimori directed this anime, which aired from October 1, 2016, to December 7 of the same year. Initially, it received a great response but then got criticized for its rush ending. But the fans are still demanding its second season from all these years. 

Izetta The Last Witch Season 2

Izetta The Last Witch Season 2: Renewed? Will It Ever Return?

Ajia-do Animation produced the debut season of this anime series. However, the fans didn’t hear from the studio ever since they released its final episode. Reportedly, they neither renewed nor canceled the show for its second season. But their silence and the ending scene of the first season is indicating that there will be no Izetta The Last Witch Season 2. There have been a lot of rumors regarding its return are circulating on the internet, but they’re just rumors as there is no official confirmation of it. 

The makers finished the storyline with the last episode of the debut season. The war ended, and everyone went on to live peaceful lives. So, it is crystal clear that the makers created this show as a limited series, and they also don’t have any intention of making another one. Therefore it is better to believe that the show will not return for another run. 

Izetta The Last Witch Season 2

Is There Enough Source Material?

Izetta is one of those rare series that didn’t adapt the plot from any source material. It didn’t follow any LN series, manga, or video game. It’s an original anime, and that’s why the makers released only one season. Therefore, for making Izetta The Last Witch Season 2, the makers have to come up with another original storyline, which is really hard, especially at a time like this. Since the anime doesn’t have any source material to promote, therefore the makers will surely save their trouble by not renewing it for its second installment. 

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