Endride Season 2: Will The Anime Ever Return? All The Latest Details!

The fans have been waiting for Endride Season 2 for the past four years. It has been quite a while since they last saw this anime on screen. And now they are getting desperate to see it’s next season. The debut season really impressed its viewers with its great plot and storylines. As a result, they are demanding to see more of Endride. So, will the anime ever return? Here are all the latest details.

Endride is a Japanese fantasy anime series. The makers launched it as a multimedia project, which consists of a video game as well. Keiji Gotoh directed this anime which was written by Toko Machida. It made its debut on April 2, 2016, and ran for 24 episodes. The fans saw its last episode on September 24 of the same year. And ever since then, everyone is waiting for its second season.

Endride Season 2

Endride Season 2: Renewal Status!

Brain’s Base and Lapin Track co-produced the initial season of the anime. Both these studios collaborated to animated the 24-episode series. However, neither of them released any statement regarding the future of the series. They neither renewed Endride Season 2, nor did they canceled it ultimately. Therefore, the fans are still hoping that these studios will join forces again to produce the awaited season sooner or later. A lot of rumors also made their rounds about the arrival of the season. However, none of them turned out to be true. 

Endride Season 2

Will The Anime Ever Return?

Endride does not follow any source material like the manga or LN series. The makers released their video game one month after the completion of its anime. The first season got a proper conclusion, as in the finale episode, the fans get to see the final battle to determine the fate of Endora balances atop the high-reaching pinnacle of Tir Na Nog. After the finale, the viewers saw the return of some anime characters in the video game, which is set three years after the story of the anime series.

So, if the makers want to Endride Season 2, they have to continue after the video or have to adopt its plot as the second season of the anime. Both these things are very unlikely as they already gave the anime a proper ending. Therefore, for now, it is better to believe that the fans will not see the second season of this anime series until and unless the creators have some other plans for it. For more updates, stay updated with us. Meanwhile, do tell us in the comment section what you expect from Endride Season 2.

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