Norn9 Season 2: Will The Anime Return? All The Latest Details

It has been more than four years since the fans last saw Norn9 on screen, and now everyone is desperately waiting for Norn9 Season 2. The anime series went on hiatus right after its debut installment. The fans liked the first season and are demanding its renewal for the past four years. But the creators are pretty tight-lipped and are not revealing anything. So will there be Norn9 Season 2? Here are all the latest details.

Norn9 is a Japanese anime series. It is the remake of an otome game of the same name by Otomate. The game was released on May 30, 2013. And the anime made its debut after three years of its release on January 7, 2016. It ran for twelve episodes, with the last one being aired on March 31, 2016. The show got a good response from its viewers as well as the critics. 

Norn9 Season 2

Norn9 Season 2: Will The Anime Ever Return?

Studio Orange and Kinema Citrus co-produced the debut season of the anime. And the fans didn’t hear from either of them ever since the debut season finale. Both of the studios neither renewed nor canceled the anime for its second season. It is really hard to tell whether there will be a second season or not because it adopts a video game and not any LN series or manga.

So, the availability of its source material totally depends on the release of the new game. So, far Otomate hasn’t developed any other game in this franchise. Therefore Norn9 Season 2 doesn’t have any source material for it. Hence it is likely that the fans won’t see the second season till the release of another game.

Norn9 Season 2

Busy Schedule Of The Production Studio!

Both Studio Orange and Kinema Citrus are some of the busiest animation studios in Japan. Orange already announced Beastars Season 2 and Godzilla Singular Point for the upcoming year. Whereas Kinema Citrus will be releasing Show By Rock!! Stars!! and The Rising of the Shield Hero 2 next year. So, the schedule of both these studios is pretty tight, and it won’t going to allow them to produce another season of Norn9 and that too without any source material. 

Norn9 Season 2

Norn9: Plot Details

Sorata Suzuhara, the main protagonist of the anime series, went on about their beliefs and romanticism, resulting in a captivating story. One day, driving, he heard a pleasant melody played out from somewhere distant away and soon went to the sound. The music was very seducing and amazing that the young hero could not resist. This music sucked Sorata into a dangerous situation.

He does not recognize how he got to this place and does not know how to get back. He look around a little, and he understood that all he is where he lived and grew up. But that’s about all developed beyond recognition as if he was in some other time period.

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