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Kingdom Chapter 695: Kochou Army To Join The Ousens! Release Date

The story of the Kingdom manga is in the midst of a very crucial arc. After multiple arcs and endless plot twists, the manga still does not fail to amuse fans with shocking revelations. In the previous chapter, Kochou tried to kill himself during his imprisonment. However, the men stopped him from doing so. As a result, he got into a verbal row with the guards. The soldiers ended up killing him for insulting their King. In Kingdom Chapter 695, Kochou’s men will join hands with the Ousens to battle the incoming army of the Yotanwa.

In the forthcoming chapter, Kochou’s men will try to convince the leaders of the Ousen army that they must work together in order to take down a hundred thousand men. However, after their shameful surrender, it is less likely that the army would agree to their demands. It will be interesting to see how things will turn when the first attack hits the camps. Here is all you need to know.

Kingdom Chapter 695

Kingdom Chapter 695: Plot Details

In the forthcoming chapter of Kingdom, all of the armies of Kochou will finally surrender to the Ousen’s soldiers. The reason why the army collectively decided to bend the knee is that they had analyzed the situation in Ousen Hill. The news of the incoming Yotanwa army had already scared them. Moreover, after watching their leader’s beheaded body and head, the army was further pushed back from rebelling once again. Thus, they decided to surrender the host of the war Ousen.

This is because surrendering to Kanki’s men will only lead to blind slaughters. Besides, they might have a chance of getting mercy from the hosts. In Kingdom Chapter 695, the new leader of the Kochou army will share a strategic dialogue with the leader of the Ousen army. The Yotanwa is a threat to both sides. Thus, they might agree to work together for this one war. Therefore, fans can expect to see the planning of the incoming war against the Yotanwa.

Kingdom Chapter 695
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Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 694th chapter of Kingdom, Kochou is about to take his life. However, the Shuma clan came in to save his life. The leader of the gang told his men that they should cut his arm so that he could not swing the sword. However, Kochou grabbed one of the men’s swords and pulled it through his neck. Later, Kochou’s men were shocked to see their leader dead when his head was adorned on a spike outside the castle. On the other hand, Kanki’s men celebrated this victory. Kochou’s soldiers found out that some Kanki warriors had infiltrated their army.

As a result, they decided to identify these moles so that they could not pass any information to the enemies. Later, the news spread that Yotanwa was approaching Ousen with a hundred thousand men. Stuck between Y and Kanki’s men, the Kochou soldiers decided to surrender to Ousen’s men. As they surrendered to the army, they also created the history of the largest surrender in the world.

Kingdom Chapter 695

Kingdom Chapter 695: Release Date

With much action and drama in the stores, the latest chapter of Kingdom is underway. After creating history by arresting the most number of soldiers, the tables have turned in the war. So, Kingdom Chapter 695 will release this weekend on October 10, 2021. Fans can find all the chapters of the manga in the weekly issue of Shueisha’s Young Jump Comics. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.