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Blue Period Episode 3: Yatora To Apply At University Of Arts! Release Date

Two episodes of the Blue Period anime series have come out, and fans are already loving the series. So far, the story has only introduced the world and the protagonist. Yatora is an ordinary high school student who is still confused about his talent for arts. He does not know if his gift of painting can actually be a career choice. In Blue Period Episode 3, Yatora will join a painting prep class to experience the professional side of the painting. So, what will Yatora decide? Here is all you need to know.

In the forthcoming episode, Yatora will first convince his mother to let him pursue a career in arts. At first, his mother will reject the idea. However, knowing that her son has a natural talent for painting, she will let him try it out at the prep class. Later, Yatora will begin his classes at the academy.

Blue Period Episode 3

Blue Period Episode 3: Plot Details

In the upcoming episode of Blue Period, Yatora is likely to talk to his mother about his passion for the arts. Even in school, his teachers have begun to appreciate his natural talent for this field. Thus, he will tell his mother about the prep class that he is willing to join in order to start preparing for the entrance exam of the University of Arts. After putting forth some concerns, Yatora’s mother would allow him to give a chance to the young boy.

Thus, his first day at the prep class will commence. So far, Yatora has realized that his talent for painting is amateur. Most of his peers who are already going to the prep class are well-versed in one style of painting. Hence, on the basis of his interest, he chose oil painting as his major. Now, in Blue Period Episode 3, Yatora will begin his advanced learnings in the particular subject.

Blue Period Episode 3

Previous Episode Recap!

The second episode of Blue Period opened with Yatora visiting the school counselor to ask about Tokyo University. He explained that he actually wanted to study in an Art School. However, he cannot afford that. Thus, Tokyo University is the best choice for him. Later in the painting class, the students were asked to create a masterpiece on the canvas. Yatora realized that even though his work was fine, he still lagged behind many students.

Later, the art teacher personally met with Yatora to offer her prep class to crack the entrance of the University of Arts. He decided to mark Oil Painting as his major. Later at home, he decided to confront his mother about his interest in pursuing a career in arts. Yatora’s mother replied by discouraging him from choosing arts as a career. The episode ended with the students bidding farewell to their Arts teacher.

Blue Period Episode 3

Blue Period Episode 3: Release Date

The latest episode of Blue Period is all set to begin Yatora’s journey as a professional painter. Can he excel in the prep classes as well? Blue Period Episode 3 will release this Saturday on October 9, 2021. All episodes of the newly launched series are available on the official website of Funimation and Crunchyroll. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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