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Kingdom Chapter 696 Delayed: Is Kanki Dead? Plot & Release Date

Besides the One Piece, if one manga can easily cross the thousand-chapter mark, then it is the Kingdom Manga. While it is a far-off dream to reach that point, the current story of the manga is equally indulging. In the previous outing, Kochou’s death caused his men to surrender in large numbers. This deterrent set them up as the weaker soldiers in the army. Kingdom Chapter 696 will look into the investigations revolving around Raido’s death. So, here is all you need to know about the next chapter.

In the next outing, fans can expect to see a trail of plots and plans in this three-way war. After Raido’s death, Kanki is very disappointed in him. He feels that if he had acted out of smartness, he would still be alive today. Now, Kokuo and Saki will try to find out how he was killed in such broad daylight.

Kingdom Chapter 696

Kingdom Chapter 696: Plot Details

In the forthcoming chapter of Kingdom, Maron, Rin Gyoku, and Kokuo will continue to look for Kanki. After seeing all those corpses in the camp, they are horrified that the killer might also have killed Kanki. The chances of Kanki being dead are pretty high in such a strange case. Moreover, the commanders will also look into the matter of who was killing their men. The first suspicion will point towards Kochou’s men as they are the only new soldiers who have arrived in the camps.

Thus, Kokou will suggest that they start their hunt by investigating those men first. However, the camp is spread in acres of land, and there are thousands of men in the army. The search is surely going to be tedious for the commanders. But if they find Kanki, half of the mystery will be resolved. Kingdom Chapter 696 will conclude with finding Kanki, dead or alive; this cannot be stated for sure.

Kingdom Chapter 696
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Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 695th chapter of Kingdom, Kanki ordered his soldiers to show the way to the new men who had joined their army. Later, a meeting is called between Rin, Kokuo, and Maron. Kokou displayed her distaste for the events that have been going around in the war. She said that Kanki should keep his commanders informed about his moves and plans. She also finds out that Raido knew about the plan before Maron was sent the news. Here, Shin finds out that Kochou is dead and his men are surrendering.

Thus, he went to the fields to escort them to the camps. When Rin Gyoku, Kokuo, and Maron went to meet Kanki, they found that there were many heads placed on the table of the camps. Kokou was horrified to watch that scene. In one of the boxes, she finds Raido’s body minced into pieces.

Kingdom Chapter 696
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Kingdom Chapter 696: Release Date

The latest chapter of Kingdom will uncover all the secrets surrounding Raido’s death. Who called for his murder? Is there a traitor in the army? The next outing will answer all the mysteries. Kingdom Chapter 696 is on break this week. The new release date of the chapter is yet to be announced. We will be sure to update this section as soon as the new release date is announced. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.

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