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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Bardock “The Father of Goku”! Release Date

The title of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is “Bardock, the Father of Goku.” In the forthcoming chapter of the DBS manga, fans will finally get to know the most-awaited backstory of Goku’s father. It is for the very first time that fans are getting so many details on Bardock. Hence they are very excited to know about it. The next chapter of the manga will also reveal the truth about what happened at Planer Cereal 40 years ago and how it got destroyed.

If it wasn’t for Goku’s father, Bardock, Granola should have been dead by now. Bardock was the one responsible for him being alive. On the other hand, Granola thinks that Saiyans are the reason behind the destruction of his Planet. However, it is likely that he will soon know the truth about the incident. So, when will the 77th chapter of DBS come out? Here is everything to know. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Plot Details

The early drafts of the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super are out. According to them, the manga will shift its focus to Bardock from the fight between Vegeta and Granola. Monaito, the only survivor of the tragic event that happened 40 years, finally stops Granola and will reveal to him that back then, he was saved by a Saiyan named Bardock. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 will begin by showing Planet Cereal from 40 years ago. Both Namekians and Cerelians were living peacefully on the Planet.

However, suddenly, several ships appeared in the sky that belonged to Saiyans, and everyone began to freak out. But in reality, it is Frieza and his soldier that invades Planet Cereal. An elderly Namekian hands over the dragon balls of Monaito. An ape with a mark on his face also appears. He is none other than the father of Gou, Bardock. He will notice a kid running around during the chaos. This kid is Granola, and Bardock will save him from getting killed.

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 76th chapter of DBS, fans saw the continuation of a battle between Granola and Vegeta. It began with Granola beating up Vegeta, who is not in very good condition. He even taunted him by asking him why he wasn’t using the superego or whatever he called it. Vegeta told him that he was the master of his own fate. Granola was about to hit him, but Goku arrived in the nick of the time and saved Vegeta. Goku told Vegeta that he would take over from here. However, Vegeta responded by kicking him.

The Prince of the Saiyan refused to let Goku take over, but he was suddenly attacked by Granola again. After that, Goku fought with Granola, but soon Vegeta arrived and told him to stay away. By the end of the chapter, Monaito appeared and revealed that 40 years back, a Saiyan named Bardock saved them.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77: Release Date

Only a few more days, and then the fans will finally be able to read the entire chapter. They’re really excited to know more about Bardock. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 77 is all set to release on Wednesday, October 20, 2021. The new chapter of DBS will be available to read online on Viz Media’s website and Shueisha’s MangaPlus app. 

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