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Kingdom Chapter 706: Trouble At Atsuyo! Release Date & Plot Updates

Unlike last week, Kingdom Chapter 706 is not on break this week. However, there has been a considerable delay in the release of the latest plot details. Ever since the arrival of Riboku, the War is slowly shifting direction toward the Zhaos. But this does not mean that Shin and King Sei are at odds. This site also has big players like Kanki and Ousen. While the end of this War is quite far, another battle might be arriving very soon. So, before reading the upcoming chapter, here is all you need to know about it.

The next chapter of Kingdom will be coming on due time. But all is not as hinged as this schedule. To hinder Sei’s plan for no particular reason, Li Mu has sent his troops to the Atsuyo Castle. But Ousen has fought far more cunning men than him. What is he willing to do?

Kingdom Chapter 706

Kingdom Chapter 706: Plot Details!

The official plot details of the Kingdom’s new chapter are late by a few days. The next chapter will open with a dialogue between the two messengers and Ousen. After what Riboku had announced in the 703rd chapter, it is unlikely that these men are willing to negotiate. Instead, it might be an outrageous message from the warden of the Atsuyo Castle. On top of this, they might also reject the idea of opening the gates for them.

This only leaves one option for Lord Ousen and Denrimi, which is attacking these men head-on. But he, too, has been smart with his choices. But taking the lesser number of troops, he has gathered only the best men at his hands. The other side is also equipped with an additional troop by Li Mu. Thus, an equal fight is expected to play out between the two. Towards the end of the chapter, the victory might be declared.

Kingdom Chapter 706

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 705th chapter of Kingdom began with hot chatter in the siege camps. Shin’s men were enjoying the warm meal prepared by the Maron. But the conversation soon turned into a serious one. Shin expressed his concern over the time they were wasting by staying back. It was solely the decision of Ousen to leave behind a large chunk of their army. But Ten argued that taking as many men would only cause more causalities. On the other end, commander Li Mu decided to settle a backup force at Atsuyo.

This way, Ousen’s army would not find an easy way up north. So, when Ousen and his men reached the final place, all they found were closed gates at Atsuyo. Ousen had made up his mind to commence one more fight. But before he could order an attack, the gates opened, and two men walked towards them. So, what are these messengers expecting in exchange?

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Kingdom Chapter 706

Kingdom Chapter 706: Release Date

There will not be any break in the release of the 706th chapter. Thus, the War between the Northern and the Southern part of medieval China will continue in the next week as well. So, Kingdom Chapter 706 is lined-up with a release date for this Monday, January 17, 2022. All chapters will be available on the official platforms of Kodansha. Thus, keep an eye on this space for more news flashes on the same.

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