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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26: Qiang To Kill Lian You! Release Date

One more show is about to come to a conclusion this week. Most of the Spring and Summer slated shows have aired their last episodes in the month of October. Kingdom Season 3 is the next name in this trial. Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26 is going to be the last edition of this period drama fiesta. While most of the primary arcs of the series have already met a conclusion, the last episode does have an epic bowl for the fans. So, here is all you need to know about the last episode.

In the 26th episode, Qiang Ming will go out to attack You Lian head-on. She was heavily disappointed in her King after finding that You was chosen to be the master tactician of the war over her. Thus, she is thirsty for her blood now. It is almost pointless for her to fight after the war. However, she is reluctant to end the competition even before the next war commences.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26: Plot Details

The final episode of Kingdom Season 3 is titled “Another Path.” The Wawars over, and everyone is weary in restoring law and order back into the Kingdom. The last episode is likely to take a look into the developments and reconstruction of Zui after the horrendous battle. Moreover, the episode will also dictate a revenge story between the two best female commanders in the entire Kingdom. When Qiang Ming returned back to meet her peers, she revealed that she was on the run because the selection of Chi You made her feel uncomfortable.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26 will showcase the battle between these two warriors. Qiang Ming will try to reclaim her position as the tactician for Fei’s army. However, the other soldiers will feel that claiming the dominion is pointless after the war has come to an end. But Qiang is blinded by revenge, and she will try her best to kill You, Lian. After taking down her guards, Qiang and You will fight head-on in an epic bowl.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26

Previous Episode Recap!

In the penultimate episode of Kingdom Season 3, all of Zheng’s men returned back to Xianyang to celebrate the victory. The hard-fought battle at Zui paid off for all the civilians and the soldiers alike. In the main hall of the Castle, the King began to award the warriors for their bravery. Six of the most valiant warriors were awarded lands, treasure, and gold. Other than the generals and the commanders, the King also awarded the citizens with rewards for their participation in the battle.

Xin was promoted as the brigade commander of the army. The story then took a long leap of fifteen days. Xin commanded a small troop to the territory of Jiecang, where they were commanded to take in the remaining troops within their army. The episode ended with Qiang Ming trying to kill You Lian because she was chosen as the commander in her place.

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26: Release Date

After all the conclusive endings, the only man in trouble is You Lian. Can his men save him from getting assassinated in broad daylight? Kingdom Season 3 Episode 26 will release this weekend on October 17, 2021. The final episode will air on Netflix, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and Funimation. Stay tuned to this page for more updates.

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