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Black Clover Chapter 309: Yuno To Defeat Zenon! Release Date & Plot

After a week-long hiatus, the newest chapter of Black Clover is finally here. The battle between Zenon and the knights of the spade Kingdom is still on. It looks likes that Zenon’s powers are inexhaustible against the mortal human warriors. Black Clover Chapter 309 will shed light on Yuno’s star powers. Bell will join the knights, and he will help in trapping Zenon from all sides. Is the star power enough to end Zenon? Here is all you need to know about the chapter.

In the forthcoming chapter, Yuno will receive a second grimoire from the stars. The new power will give him the strength to endure Zenon’s attacks. Along with Bell, he will channelize the powers of the star to charge a beam of light onto Zenon. It will be interesting to see how Zenon will be affected by such strong forces in his demon form.

Black Clover Chapter 309
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Black Clover Chapter 309: Plot Details

According to the plot details that have surfaced over the internet, the next chapter of Black Clover is titled “Twinkling of the Stars.” The title refers to the new grimoire that appeared by the end of the last chapter. Its appearance indicated that Yuno is equipped with the powers of the stars. So, Yuno will leverage this power and use it against Zenon’s demon form. However, midway through the attack, he will realize that he cannot equip all of the star’s powers on his own.

He will ask Bell to help in channelizing the attack. Hence the two would spirit dive together over Zenon. In defense, Zenon will use spatial domination to trap them both. But the star magic will shield them from this attack. Later in Black Clover Chapter 309, Zenon will shoot a trail of bones over the two. The chapter will end with Yuno using the spirit of Zephir to end Zenon’s demon powers. If they win, Yuno will become one of the strongest Knights in the spade Kingdom.

Black Clover Chapter 309

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 308th outing, Langris was on the verge of getting killed at the hands of Zenon. However, he was saved just at the right time by Finral. Langris’ brother had come to rescue the two Knights. But upon seeing the demonic stature of Zenon, he decided to battle the creature and end its wrath. However, upon one attack, he understood that there was no chance of defeating the monster. Yuno opened his eyes and saw Langris and Finral captured in the claws of Zenon.

At that moment, he realized that all his training and resolve would go to waste if he did not save his friends. He looked back at all those times when he was praised for his capabilities. He felt a strong sense of guilt for not using these powers for the good of his guild. With tears in his eyes, he saw a shining grimoire appear right in front of him. As he grabbed the power source, the chapter ended by disclosing its effects.

Black Clover Chapter 309
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Black Clover Chapter 309: Release Date

The Clover Knights are still not sure if they can defeat Zenon with the power upgrade. Has Zenon already won the battle? Black Clover Chapter 309 will release this weekend on Sunday, October 17, 2021. All chapters of the popular manga release on the official website of Viz Media. Keep an eye on this corner for more updates on the same.

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