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Sabikui Bisco: January 2022 Release Date, New Trailer & Latest Updates

Sabikui Bisco has been the talk of the town OZ Studio announced its anime adaptation. Now, to increase the hype around this upcoming anime, the official website of the series released a new trailer along with a new key visual. They have already released a trailer before, but this time it is a full-fledged promotional that gives more insights into the characters. Along with that, the makers reveal the release window of the series as well. So, when will it premiere? Here are all the latest details. 

Sabikui Bisco, also known as Rust-Eater Bisco, is an upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure anime series. It is an adaptation of Shinji Cobkubo and K Akagashi’s light novel series of the same title. Studio OZ took command of animating the inaugural season of the anime that will premiere in the next few months. On the other hand, the LN series is still on the run and has already released a total of seven volumes. 

Sabikui Bisco

Sabikui Bisco: New Promotional Video

The newly released PV of Rust-Eater Bisco reveals that the story of the anime will take place in a rust-covered Japan where rusty dust wind is blown. People are searching for the legendary mushroom that can clear all the rust at once. Then, the PV introduced the protagonist of the series Akaboshi Bisco. He will be joined by Milo Nekoyanagi, Paw Nekoyanagi, and Chiroru Ochagama on a quest to cleanse the rust of the world.

Every single one of them has different traits and different motives to go on this journey. Akaboshi is desperate to find the legendary mushroom in order to save his dying teacher. The PV is also giving a glimpse of the action sequences of Sabikui Bisco. This one-minute clip of Rust-Eater Bisco is more than enough to make anyone excited about the premiere of this upcoming anime. 

Rust-Eater Bisco: Cast Updates

The makers have provided details only on six characters so far. Four among them are the ones that fans saw in the PV. Whereas the details on the other two have been revealed along with the release of the PV. The cast of Sabikui Bisco includes:

  • Akaboshi Bisco voiced by Ryouta Suzuki
  • Milo Nekoyanagi voiced by Natsuki Hanae
  • Paw Nekoyanagi voiced by Reina Kondo
  • Chiroru Ochagama voiced by Miyu Tomita
  • Jabi voiced by Shiro Saito
  • Kurokawa voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda

Jabi is the mentor of Akaboshi Bisco, whereas Kurokawa is a prefectural governor. 

Sabikui Bisco

Sabikui Bisco: Release Date

After watching the new trailer, the fans get even more curious to see Rust-Eater Bisco. The official website of the series reveals that Sabikui Bisco will release on Friday in January 2022. However, the makers haven’t confirmed on which Friday the show will premiere. Still, the fans are happy that they won’t have to wait for very long to see the premiere of this post-apocalyptic action drama.

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