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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107: Six Vs. Crawler! Release Date

Since the beginning of the manga, the story has been foreshadowing an epic bowl between Crawler and his villain counterpart, Number Six. My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107 is that edition that holds the conclusion to this battle. The past two chapters of Vigilantes have been downright incredible. Moreover, the moves and countermoves of the two players are something that we haven’t witnessed in the story ever.

Now, the next chapter holds the conclusion of this fight. Is fate favoring the heroes or the villains? Well, the answer is yet to unfold this week. But we have every detail that is keen for you before reading the new chapter. Thus, here is all that you need to know about the new Vigilantes Chapter.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107
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My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107: Plot Details

As one can expect, the upcoming chapter of MHA Vigilantes is likely to continue the battle between Koichi and Number Six. While the battle started with a decent balance, the scoreboard soon shifted towards Crawler. The next chapter of Vigilantes is likely to focus on a strategy that Overclock and Six will forge in order to defeat Crawler.

Fans can also expect to see Soga entering the fight at some point in time. Nonetheless, the major focus of the chapter is going to be the climax of this battle. The biggest obstacle for Crawler is going to be terminating Number Six’s overclock quirk. Let’s see how he manages to do that in Vigilantes Chapter 107.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107
Source: Viz Media

Previous Chapter Recap!

The last chapter of Vigilantes saw one of the most interesting battles between Crawler Koichi and Number Six. Most of the chapter dives into the technicalities of their quirks. Crawler was quick to recognize the fighting pattern of his opponent, thus giving him an upper hand. Moreover, he even went on to start copying his moves. This took a huge toll on Number Six as he could not forge counter moves against his opponent. Overclock also tried to help Number Six but found no success. Let’s see what this battle ends within My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107

My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107: Release Date

The time to witness the conclusion of the epic battle between Crawler and Number Six has finally arrived. After much wait and anticipation, the chapter is finally ready for a release. Hence, My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 107 will release this Friday on August 13, 2021. You can read all the latest chapters of Vigilantes on the official website of Viz Media. We hope that you will read the episode as soon as it is out!

Are you excited about the new chapter of My Hero Academia Vigilantes? What are your thoughts about the power quotients of Crawler and Number Six? Please share them with us in the comment box. For more latest news updates on upcoming manga chapters, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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