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Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2: New Teaser, Production Status & Release Date

When Princess Connect Re Dive made its debut last year, it made a lot of fans in a very short period of time. As a result, its inaugural season turned out to be a huge success. Since then, fans have been waiting to hear the official announcement of Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2, and now it is finally here. The officials confirmed that the sequel is in development. So, when will it premiere? Here are all the latest details. 

Princess Connect Re Dive is a Japanese action fantasy anime series. It is the remake of a role-playing game of the same name by Cygames. Whereas, CygamesPictures animated the first season of the series. The anime premiered in Spring last year on April 7. It ran for a total of thirteen episodes before concluding on June 30, 2020. 

Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2

Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2: Renewal Details & Production Updates!

The first season of the anime concluded in June last year. Only one and a half months after it, CygamesPictures renewed it for its second season. Its debut run performed very well and managed to make a lot of profit for the producers. The show is crazy popular and is ranked at #950 in popularity on MyAnimelist.

To confirm the development of the show’s second season, the makers released a promotional video for it as well. The clip reveals that the story of four people who began with their destiny will move forward in Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2. They’ll continue to walk together and live together in the second installment of the anime. The promotional video also featured that Gourmet’s guild will continue to be an adventure. Besides, this teaser confirmed the beginning of the upcoming season’s production. Therefore, the series should be in its final stages of development now. It is also possible that they have already begun dubbing for it as well.

What’s The Show About?

The story of Princess Connect Re Dive takes place in a continent named Astraea. A man named Yuuki falls from the sky here. However, he doesn’t remember anything except for his name. Kokkoro, an elf, found him. She introduced herself as Yuuki’s guide for the world they’re about to travel. Kokkoro taught everything to Yuuki, from handling the local currency to fighting terrifying monsters. 

Hence, Yuuki and Kokkoro accept a quest in order to earn money from a guild association. During their journey, they met a girl named Pecorine. She is kind of gluttonous but is very beautiful and knows how to fight. The next day, they met another girl named Karyl. Well, she is actually a cat-girl who is an expert in magic. 

Soon after, the four of them became best friends and decided to start their own guild. All four of them begin their journey to meet new people, face new challenges, go through a lot of adventures, and explore the world. However, their main motive all this time is to bring back Yuuki’s memories.

Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2

Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2: Release Date

Originally, the second season of the series was scheduled to release in April this year. However, it got postponed, probably due to the pandemic situation. Now, fans can expect Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2 to premiere in Fall 2021 or Winter 2022. Moreover, CygamesPictures might confirm its release date in the upcoming months by releasing a full-fledged trailer.