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3D Kanojo Real Girl Season 3: Canceled Or Renewed? Release Details & Everything To Know

After the brilliant performances of its previous two installments, now the fans are waiting to see Real Girl Season 3. The romance made a successful debut a few years back and then continued its impressive run with the second season. Both these installments were a hit and caught the viewers’ attention. As a result, now they are demanding to see the third one. So has the studio renewed it yet? Keep reading to know.

Real Girl, also known as 3D Kanojo Real Girl, is a Japanese romance comedy anime series. It is the remake of Mao Nanami’s manga series of the same title. Hoods Entertainment animated the first two seasons of the series. The anime made its debut on April 4, 2018. Whereas, its second season didn’t even take an entire year to arrive and premiered on January 9, 2019. It concluded on March 27, 2019. Besides, both seasons of this show ran for a total of 12 episodes. 

Real Girl Season 3

Real Girl Season 3: Renewal Status

Both the first and the second season of the anime received an overwhelming response from the viewers. It got some really great reviews from everyone. On top of that, the critics also praised this show for its great content. Currently, 3D Kanojo Real Girls’ second installment has a score of 7.67 on MyAnimeList, and it has more than 128K members on the same platform. Just like the manga, the anime series also became popular in a very less time. It grew a massive fan base, and now everyone is demanding for the third season. However, it has been two years since the anime last aired, but the makers are yet to wave the green flag.

The long wait is making fans even more desperate, but there is a reason why the officials are pretty tight-lipped. The manga series only has 12 volumes, and the production studio already used most of its content. Therefore, now they don’t have enough source material to create Real Girl Season 3. The third season of the anime series won’t get a renewal until and unless Mao Nanami agrees to write a rough story for it. 

Real Girl Season 3

What’s The Show About?

The story of Real Girl revolves around a guy named Hikari Tsutsui. He is an extreme introvert and prefers to be alone. As a result, his fellow classmates often bully him for his way of living. However, Hikari still has a friend named Yuto Ito. It is likely because the way of living of Yuto is the same as Hikari. 

One day, he gets a task to clean the swimming pool at the school as a punishment. But this time, he has a girl partner named Iroha Igarashi. She is the definition of the type of real-life girl Hikari hates. Hence, he behaves coldly with her, but Iroha responds in the opposite way. She even stands against the students who bully Hikari. With time both of them became good friends and started dating each other.

Real Girl Season 3

Real Girl Season 3: Release Date

Fans will likely have to go through a hiatus even if the anime’s third season is on the cards. The lack of its source material will likely push the release date of the third season. Real Girl Season 3 might not premiere before 2023. However, it is only a prediction, and to know its exact release date, we have to wait for an official announcement.