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Sailor Moon Eternal Part 3: Will There Be A Third Film? Latest Details

Earlier this year, two brilliant Sailor Moon movies hit the theatres with a gap of one month. So, fans of this franchise are now wondering when they will get to see Sailor Moon Eternal Part 3. The great thing about this movie was that it continued the storyline of Sailor Moon Crytal and served as its fourth season. Also, the second movie ended with a cliffhanger, and now its followers are desperate to know what will happen next. So, when will they get to see the third movie? Here are all the latest details.

Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie is a Japanese two-part action fantasy anime film. It is an adaptation of the Dream Arc of Naoko Takeuchi’s manga series titled Sailor Moon. The first film of the series came out on January 8, 2021, whereas the second one premiered on February 11, 2021. Its first film ended the 26 years hiatus of the theatrical release of the franchise. This is because the last film that hit the theatres was Sailor Moon Super S: The 9 Sailor Soldiers Unite!

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 3

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 3: Renewal Status

Both the first and the second films got a great response in theatres as well as on Netflix. The viewers really liked these films, and the critics praised them as well. At the time of writing, its first and second films have a score of 7.45 and 7.68, respectively. Also, the second movie ended with the line “to be continued” and teased the arrival of Sailor Moon Eternal Part 3. One of the voice actresses, Kotono Mitsuishi, talked about this teaser line and stated that the original manga has a storyline beyond the fourth season.

She also added it there would be a continuation, then she would like to do it as soon as possible. Therefore, the fans can expect the third film or the fifth season of the anime to be on the cards. They can also anticipate an official announcement to take place very soon. 

What Will Happen Next?

In the second film, the viewers saw Usagi transforming into an Eternal Sailor Moon and defeating Nehellenia. Mamoru and the other Sailor guardian helped in defeating him as well. Also, Chibiusa revived Helios. So, the latter realized that the maiden he saw in the vision was none other than Chibiusa. The Amazoness Quartet left to become a full guardian and to continue their slumber. Meanwhile, Helios made a promise to Chibiusa that they would meet again before going back to Elysion.

In the ending moments of the film, Usagi told Mamoru that there is a star in everyone’s heart. Now, in Sailor Moon Eternal Part 3, the fans might see the arrival of a new adversary known as Sailor Galaxia. She is the leader of a lethal group, “Shadow Galactica.” They will come to create chaos and will even kill some of the Sailor Guardians. When the situation would start going out of hand, Sailor Moon will find hope in the form of new allies. 

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 3

Sailor Moon Eternal Part 3: Release Date

The official green flag for the third film is yet to come from the producers. But the chances are high that it will come this very year. The Sailor Moon franchise still has a lot of stories to cover to provide a satisfying conclusion to the fans. However, it is still unclear whether the next part will come out as Sailor Moon Crystal Season 4 or Sailor Moon Eternal 3. Whatever it will be, the fans can expect it to premiere by the end of 2023.