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Scott Pilgrim Anime Adaptation In Development! Release Date & More

Scott Pilgrim fans are in for a huge surprise. A recent report informed fans that the franchise might be getting an anime adaptation soon. Netflix and Universal Studios will work together to produce the show. After hearing the news, fans of the franchise have already begun speculating about the anime. So, when is the anime coming? What is it about? Keep reading to know more about the Scott Pilgrim Anime.

Scott Pilgrim is a famous graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’Malley. The series first came out in August 2004. The romantic comedy has released six digest size volumes. The last volume was released in July 2010. The popularity of the series soon inspired a film named ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’ in August 2010. In the same month, Ubisoft released a video game for PlayStation and Xbox Live Arcade with the same title.

Scott Pilgrim Anime

Scott Pilgrim Anime In Development!

On January 7, 2022, theHollywoodReporter informed that an anime adaptation of Scott Pilgrim is under development. The project will be a new addition to the fan-favorite Scott Pilgrim franchise. Netflix will work with Universal Studio‘s Universal Content productions to develop the series. The graphic novel author himself serves as the executive producer and writer for the project. In addition, Ben David Grabinski will join him as executive producer.

Science Saru studios of Devilman Crybaby fame will work on animating the anime. While Abel Góngora will work as the director. Edgar Wright, the director of the 2010 film, admitted that he and the author O’Malley have been considering an animated Scott Pilgrim show. Furthermore, in an interview with Anime News Network, the writer admitted that Scott depicted a typical shonen lead. In addition, a lot of the art of the books look similar to that of manga. Thus, in many ways, the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels are similar to Japanese shonen manga.

Scott Pilgrim Anime

What Is The Plot?

Scott Pilgrim is an adventure and romantic comedy series. The show centers around Scott, a mid-twenties boy from Toronto. The show follows his romantic adventures and the funny everyday mishaps. The young Scott is usually cheerful and friendly to everyone. However, he can be very laid back and lazy. He plays the bass as part of a small local band. The initial chapters of the graphic novels feature Scott and his pursuit of Ramona Flowers who is an American girl who moves into the same neighborhood as Scott.

He falls for her and wishes to pursue a relationship with her. However, when he decides to meet her and talk to her. He receives an email from an anonymous person. The person is then revealed to be Matthew, who is the first ex-boyfriend of Ramona. The evil ex Matthew challenges him to a battle. However, when Scott defeats him Ramona comes up to him to tell him something. She tells him that he must defeat all the other six evil exes in order to date her. Thus, the rest of the story follows Scott and his video game-style battles with the other exes.

Scott Pilgrim Anime

Scott Pilgrim Anime: Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no announcement regarding the release date of the Scott Pilgrim Anime. The project is still in its initial stages and undergoing development. Therefore, it might take one to two years until 2023 for the anime to come out. However, any further updates on the anime project will be updated on the Anime Daily website. So, stay tuned for newer updates.

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