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Eri My Hero Academia: Can Eri Restore All Might’s Quirk? All Theories Explained!

Eri My Hero Academia Theory: My Hero Academia has been a huge hit since its release. In a world that revolves around quirks and their holders, focusing on a quirkless hero was the biggest detail that made everyone a fan of it. That is not all, as it focuses on various other heroes who strive to be the greatest and the bad guys who are one of a kind themselves. MHA writes a backstory for every character and serves no loopholes. A fan favorite whose quirk has caught everyone’s eyes is Eri.

Eri was first introduced in Episode 66 of the show, and fans beg to see more of her since then. Eri got her quirk at a very young age and was not able to get a good hand at it. Her loss of control caused her to disappear from her father with her quirk. She was then abandoned by her mother and lived with her grandfather, Shei Hassaikai’s boss. Later, Eri’s Rewind quirk got Kai Chisaki’s attention which resulted in him exploiting it for the making of a Quirk-Destroying Drug.

However, she was saved and lives in the UA High under Eraserhead and Mirio’s care right now. In High School, Eri is learning to control her quirk. Her contribution to the Shie Hassaikai arc is incredible. Plus, her one in a million quirk has made her a character to watch out for. Now, that quirk has secured various theories under its name. So, let us dig into Eri from My Hero Academia and every theory that leads to her.

Eri My Hero Academia Theory

Eri My Hero Academia Theory: Can Eri Bring All Might’s Quirk Back?

Eri’s quirk Rewind allows her to rewind, quite literally. It involves her to rewind and make her target physically younger, heal injuries and bring an individual’s body to its previous state. Plus, exit someone from existence, like her father. Now, Eri has already brought back Mirio’s quirk by turning back time. So, fans are speculating if All Might is next. Many suspects that if Eri can restore the One For All quirk to All Might and also cure his injuries done in the fight.

Eri will be able to restore All Might’s wounds and bring him to a phase where he is still “might.” However, when it comes to his quirk, things might be different. All For One’s quirk work differently, but notably, Eri’s quirk is also the most phenomenal one. But fans readily claim that it is impossible for her to bring All Might’s old quirk. Since the quirk passes on from generations, if Eri restores All Might to a time where he possesses the quirk, it should be certain that the holder of the quirk can belong to only one at a point. Plus, it also might not bring All Might’s power. So, in any possibility, this seems almost impossible unless the mangaka thinks otherwise.

Eri My Hero Academia Theory

Eri My Hero Academia: What Is In For Her Future?

Clearly, Eri is one of the major characters for the series’ future. And her quirk is significantly strong, the one that will surely play a huge role as the plot advances. However, she needs to learn to control it for that. Plus, not much of UA nurse staff has been seen in the show. So, there might be a chance that Eri might work in Recovery Girl’s footsteps. It is apparent that Recovery Girl is the only person behind keeping the school and its people in a single piece. Unless she does not have any children of her own that possess the same quirk, Eri can play a part in healing wounds.

Also, considering how powerful Eri’s quirk is, she can heal larger and deeper injuries. However, a case of death might not be her strongest point. This will also help the UA professors to take a step further in the fights and undergo more damage. Not just in training for the students but also in major fights against villains. Eri has had a terrible childhood, and she might have an issue involving fights. Hence, her future as a nurse seems logical too. However, Horikoshi might have something else planned for her.

Eri My Hero Academia Theory

MHA features various characters, and each has a story of its own. In fact, each of them possesses a backstory that brings the viewers closer to them. That is what makes this anime so popular. Eri has been a fan favorite since her introduction. However, she is not alone. The fans have a special place for every character. The sixth season of My Hero Academia is on its way to reaching the fans this fall, and the excitement has not ceased even a bit. For more theories, stay tuned.

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