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Solo Leveling Chapter 166: Jin Woo’s Last Meeting With His Father! Release Date

Every single week, Solo leveling proves that it is the best ongoing manhwa series of all time. Last week, it featured Sung Jin-Woo unlocking his true potential and killing his adversaries without making any effort. After a chapter filled with action, the fans will see several emotional moments in Solo Leveling Chapter 166. In the new chapter, Sung Jin-Woo will finally come face-to-face with his father, Sung II Hwan. The latter has been absent from his son’s life for a long period of time, but now he is here to compensate for his mistakes.

Also, the Monarch of Destruction is on the way with his army to attack the Ashborn. So, will Sung Jin-Woo be able to defeat the King of the Berserk Dragons? What will happen when he meets his father? Only the forthcoming chapter will tell. So, here are all the latest details about it. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 166

Solo Leveling Chapter 166: Plot Details

In the 165th chapter, we already saw Jin-Woo killing the Beast Monarch as well as the Frost Monarch. The ending moments teased his confrontation with his father, Sung II Hwan, who he’ll finally get to meet. But, at present, he doesn’t know it will be his last meeting with him. Jin Woo will also learn that Hwan protected him with all of his power when he was in danger. However, Hwan begins to disintegrate now. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 166 will feature Sung II Hwan saying his last word to his son Jin-Woo. He will finally say what he wanted to for a long time. Hwan will express his real feelings as a father and apologize for not being present with him. Moreover, Jin Woo and Hwan will share the last hug before the latter fades away.

Solo Leveling Chapter 166

Previous Chapter Recap

In Chapter 165 of Solo Leveling, the viewers saw Sung Jin-Woo surprised the Forst Monarch by creating a barrier around him. The latter knows about the blind spot of the Shadow Monarch. But Jin-Woo countered his attack and told him the same thing wouldn’t happen twice. He broke the blade of the King of Frost and told him that he would take care of him later. This is because he first needed to deal with the Beast Monarch. Hence, he found the King of the Beasts in the woods, who was trying to escape from him.

The Beast Monarch even tried to trick him by saying that he was ready to be an ally and he will help him defeat the army of the Destruction Monarch. However, Jin-Woo knows he is faking it and decides to kill him. Thus, he came back and killed the Frost Monarch as well, showing the true power of the Shadow Monarch. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 166: Release Date

In the next edition of the manhwa series, Sung Jin-Woo will bid farewell to his father and talk to him for one last time. Solo Leveling Chapter 166 will release on Wednesday, September 8, or Thursday, September 9, 2021, depending on the location. There is no official source to read the English version of this manhwa, but fans can read the original Korean version on the Kakao Page Magazine.