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Solo Leveling Chapter 161: Will Sung Jin-Woo Survive? Release Date

The previous chapter of the manhwa stunned everyone as it featured the most unexpected thing. Sung Jin-Woo got defeated in a battle. By its end, the Beast Monarch has his claws inside Jin-Woo’s chest. Now, everyone is eagerly waiting for Solo Leveling Chapter 161 to know whether Sung Jin-Woo will survive or not.

No one thought that the Frost Monarch and the Beast Monarch would be able to push the Shadow Monarch to his limit. Meanwhile, a mysterious one also appeared in a scene and created suspense about his identity. So, who is this mysterious, and what is he doing here? Only the next chapter will tell, so here are all the latest details about it.

solo leveling chapter 161

Solo Leveling Chapter 161: Plot Details!

The upcoming chapter of the manhwa will reveal a lot of important details. For starters, it will begin revealing whether Sung Jin-Woo would survive the attack of the Monarchs or not. After that, it will also tell about the identity of that mysterious man and what is his true purpose. It seems like it was the end of Sung Jin-Woo because his HP dropped to 0. So, the possibility is that the Beast titan actually killed him. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 161 will feature Jin-Woo’s meeting with the Shadow Monarch. It is also likely that in the next few chapters, fans will explore the flashbacks that will explain everything that is going around. Also, that mysterious man will turn out to be Sung II Hwan, the father of Sung Jin-Woo. He is here to save his son from the Monarchs. Now, it will be interesting to see how he will revive his son and handle the other two monarchs. 

solo leveling chapter 161

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 160th chapter of Solo Leveling was certainly a shocking one for the fans. It began with Jin-Soo squaring off against Querehsha, the Plague Monarch. After a lot of struggle, he finally manages to defeat her and balance the odds for him a little. However, things only got worse from here on. Jin-Woo already used most of his mana and wasn’t able to retreat from Beru and the rest of his soldiers.

He also slowed down, and the Frost Monarch and the Beast Monarch took advantage of this situation. Both of them launched several super-fast attacks on Jin-Woo. Hence, by the end of the chapter, the Beast Monarch managed to pierce his claw inside the chest of Sung Jin-Woo. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 161: Release Date

The fans will finally get to know the fate of their favorite hunter in the next few days. Solo Leveling Chapter 161 is all set to release on Thursday, August 5, 2021. Its official Korean version will be available to read on Kakao page magazine. However, there is no official source to read the English version of this manhwa series. 

Is this really the end of Sung Jin-Woo? Will his father be able to revive him? Share your thoughts in the comment section and stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get all the latest updates on anime and manga.