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Solo Leveling Chapter 174: Sung Jin-Woo Vs. Antares! Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 174 is all set to feature Sung Jin-Woo colliding one on one against Antares. Jin-Woo’s brilliant strategy managed to get rid of Antares’ troops. Now, the two of them are isolated, and he has to finish the Monarch of Destruction before the rest of his troops find him. In the ending moments of the previous chapter, Sung Jin-Woo summoned his troops again to fight Antares.

Meanwhile, the latter took his most destructive form to fight the Shadow Monarch. Solo Leveling is again proving why it is the best ongoing manhwa series. It continues to deliver great arcs with several amazing battles. The current arc is certainly one of the best arcs, and Antares is undoubtedly the biggest threat Jin-Woo has come across so far. So, will everyone’s favorite protagonist manage to defeat the Destruction Monarch? Here are all the latest details. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 174

Solo Leveling Chapter 174: Plot Details

The all-out war between the Destruction Monarch and the Shadow Monarch is at its peak now. Now, the next chapter will begin the decisive battle. Antares finally transformed in his Dragon form to fight Sung Jin-Woo. On the other hand, Jin-Woo also prepared himself as he plans to go all out against Antares. Therefore, Jin-Woo must defeat him before the troops of Antares find him. Otherwise, the war will directly go in favor of the Destruction Monarch. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 174 will feature the Shadow Monarch in offensive mode. On the other hand, Antares will try to delay as long as he can. He is aware of the fact that this fight is all about whether he can until his troops find him or not. So, the fans should prepare themselves because they are about to witness a chapter full of intense action

Solo Leveling Chapter 174

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 173rd Solo Leveling opened with the Destruction Monarch, wondering he couldn’t make contact with the Monarch of Iron Body. Right after that, he attacked Jin-Woo and said he must kill him. Antares attacked him by spitting fire, but Jin-Woo managed to dodge it. Sung Jin-Woo summoned his giants to attack Antares. However, the latter instantly sliced off the head of the giant. They realized that the entire area was trembling with magic power. It assured them that the battle between hunters and the countless magic beasts began. 

Later, Sung Jin-Woo tried to run away, and Antares followed him. They went to the place where the troops of the Shadow Monarch were waiting for him. The Destruction Monarch realized that Jin-Woo defeated the other monarch first, and then he came after him. As a result, Antares summoned countless magical beats here as well. After seeing this, Jin-Woo canceled the summon and used the power of Kamish Rune Stone to kill all the Dragons in an instant. In the ending moments of the chapter, Jin-Woo took Antares to his castle and summoned his troops again for the decisive battle. 

Solo Leveling Chapter 174: Release Date

The fans just can’t wait to read the next chapter of the manhwa series as it will finally feature Sung Jin-Woo and Antares going all-out in the battle. Solo Leveling Chapter 174 is all set to release on Wednesday, November 17, 2021. In some regions, it will come out a day after, on November 18. There is no official source to read the English translation of this manhwa, but the fans can read its official Korean version on the Kakao Page magazine. 

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