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The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 9: The Vampire Hunter Is Here! Release Date

The Case Study Of Vanitas is nearing the end of its first installment. As the season approaches its conclusion, the story is getting more and more exquisite. Fans cannot help but wonder when the troubles for Vanitas will end. For now, in The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 9, Vanitas and Noe will surely have to deal with the conflicts. The previous episode left us on a huge cliffhanger by introducing the vampire hunter. When will the ninth episode come out? Here is all you need to know about the new outing.

In the forthcoming episode, fans will witness some epic action as Vanitas and Roland will collide head-on. The vampire hunter has a special loathing for Crimson-born vampires. Unfortunately, Vanitas is a Crimson vampire himself. The episode will also touch upon the secrets of the Chasseurs Church. Thus, the new outing is going to be an exciting addition to the show.

The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 9: Plot Details

The title of The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 9 is “Those Who Hunt Crimson.” The title hints towards the arrival of vampire hunter Roland Fortis in the series. One more thing that the title suggests is the fact that Vanitas is a vampire who was born on a Crimson night. Thus, the next episode is likely to showcase an epic battle between Vanitas and Roland. Well, Roland Fortis is a trained vampire hunter. He even has a special hatred towards vampires who are born on Crimson nights.

Moreover, fans can also expect to see Noe in action once again. After the events of the Ball, the show has been taking up filler arcs. So, in the next episode, Vanitas and Noe will finally get some action. Additionally, the two might reach the dungeons by the end of the episode. Therefore, the fans will also learn about the secrets that the Chasseurs Church has been hiding. Vanitas might also learn about the true intentions of the organization.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the previous episode of The Case Study Of Vanitas, Vanitas went to the vampire world to meet the Vampire Queen. But he could not move past Lord Ruthven. He asked him whether the rumors of the queen being dead are true. He was banished from the vampire world for these remarks. Back in the human world, Vanita and Noe began their investigation on the case of a vampire disappearance.

The two learned that the Chausseurs had kept the missing vampire in the dungeons. Thus, Vanita and Noe enter the dungeons disguised as Chasseurs. But they are stopped by Roland Fortis, the vampire hunter. The episode ended with Roland declaring that this will be the end of Vanitas and Noe.

The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 9: Release Date

Noe and Vanitas have stepped right at the door of danger. Who will save them from Roland Fortis now? So, The Case Study Of Vanitas Episode 9 is releasing this Saturday on August 28, 2021. All the episodes of the anime series are available on Funimation.

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