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The Day I Became a God Season 2: Renewed? When Will It Return? Release Date

The Day I Became a God is a fan-favorite anime series that premiered last year in Fall. Since its conclusion, it has only been six months, but fans are already demanding The Day I Became a God Season 2. The anime is quite popular and has a huge fan base. Every single fan of this show wants to see more of it. So, when will the anime finally return? Keep reading to know.

The Day I Became a God, also known as Kamisama ni Hatta in Japanese, is an original fantasy drama anime series. PA Works and Aniplex jointly produced the anime. Whereas, Jun Maeda created its story, and Yoshiyuki Asai helmed it. The viewers saw the premiere episode of this show on October 11, 2020. It was a single cour anime and ran for a total of twelve episodes. Moreover, the first season finale of this show came out on December 27, 2020. 

The Day I Became a God Season 2

The Day I Became a God Season 2: Renewal Status!

The debut season of the anime series received an enormous response from the audience. Whereas, it also left a good impression on the critics. Kamisama ni Hatta managed to get a massive number of fans in a very short period of time. Well, the intriguing content by writer Jun Maeda was the main reason behind it. At the time of writing, the anime has a score of 6.82 on MyAnimeList. In fact, it is even ranked at #884 in popularity and has more than 180K members in its group on the same platform.

So, if we look at its popularity, the show has more than enough fans to convince the makers to give it the green light. However, in the past few years, PA Works created several one-season wonders, and there are speculations that this show will join that list as well. The demand for The Day I Became a God Season 2 is pretty good. But, the ending of its debut season didn’t leave much room for its sequel. So, if the second season is on the cards, then the production company might announce it this very year. 

The Day I Became a God Season 2

Kamisama ni Hatta Season 2: Plot Details

In the ending moments of the first season, Yota spent time with Hina, but later, Shiba told him to leave. However, he requested Shiba to spend a little more time with Hina. While having a conversation with Yota, Shiba remembered her family members’ names. When Yota was about to leave, Hina called his name and confessed her love for him. As a result, Yota took Hina with him to his home despite knowing that every single day will be a struggle. However, he was ready to go through anything if Hina is beside him. 

Now, in The Day I Became a God Season 2, fans will see the after events of the first season. Hina might lose all her memories due to her condition. But Yota and his family might support her and provide her the happy life she deserves. Earlier, it was mentioned that Yota wants to become a researcher just like Hina’s grandfather so that he can help Hina. Hence, his journey of becoming a researcher can become a major plot point in the sequel. 

The Day I Became a God Season 2

The Day I Became a God Season 2: Release Date

The future of the anime series is still uncertain, but its huge demand might help the sequel get the green flag. If this happens in the next few months, then The Day I Became a God Season 2 might premiere sometime around 2023. Keep an eye on this corner for future updates.

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