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The Detective is Already Dead Episode 4: Yui’s Case Begins! Release Date

It’s always this time of the week that fans are most excited about coming episodes. The Detective is Already Dead Episode 4 is also almost around the corner. The last episode was a significant hint towards the detective life that Kimizuka is going to enter once again. After an unforgettable tragedy, the boy had decided not to relive the detective life again. But there are loose ends that he must tie.


This last case may provide the opportunities he is looking for to get close to Nagisa. Since she is the new owner of Siesta’s heart, it is very important for Kimizuka to stay in touch with the remains of his friend. From plot details to recap to a release date, here is all you need to know about The Detective is Already Dead Episode 4.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 4: Plot Details!

The title of the fourth episode is “What I See In That Eye.” The vague idea is that the title is talking about Nagisa’s personal battles that will be confronted by Kimizuka in the next one. Both the detectives are working together after a long while. And it is especially difficult for Nagisa to deal with her emotional state after the heart transplant. Siesta’s heart still remembers the people close to her.

But for Nagisa, all these are new emotions. Moreover, fans can also expect to see new developments in the case that regards to Yui’s family heirloom. The detectives will move forward with the clues in The Detective is Already Dead Episode 4. But the major takeaway from the episode is going to be the confrontation between Nagisa and Kimizuka. For reference, here is the official preview for you!


Previous Episode Recap!

In the last episode of The Detective is Already Dead, we see that every bait for Kimizuka to give up the job of a detective fails. By the end of the previous episode, the new high school boy was approached by a mysterious boy, Yui, who is asking for help over a case. As it happens, Kimizuka agrees on the condition that this is his last case. Later, he and Nagisa start investigating the clues pointing towards the person trying to steal Yui’s family heirloom. The episode does not take on the matter of Siesta’s heart in this one. Let’s see if we can get any developments in the case in The Detective is Already Dead Episode 4.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 4: Release Date

We hope that you have made time this weekend because it is going to be full of action and drama. Most of this is going to come from The Detective is Already Dead Episode 4. So, according to the schedule, the new episode will arrive this Sunday on July 25, 2021. You can watch all the latest episodes of TDIAD on Funimation. The official YouTube channel of Muse Communications airs the episode for the Asian regions with varying timings.


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