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The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5: Future Travels! Release Date

Since the beginning of July, new anime arrivals are making headlines every day, almost to the extent of eating up space for the classic ones. The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5 is one such episode that will likely dominate the screens this weekend. In the league of anime series like One Piece and Boruto, the new show is popular enough to garner a large audience. So, the last week’s episode shows what this detective story is capable of.

For a start, we see an incredible chase sequence between the detectives and the goons that are after the jewels. Later, even Yui herself tries to attack Nagisa and Kimizuka. But the manner in which they handle the situation is something one can watch multiple times. So, what does The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5 holds in store for us? Here is all that you must know!

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5: Plot Details

The title of The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5 is “That was Directed One Year in the Future.” While the title is an unusually long and tedious one, it does not give away any keen details about the upcoming episode. In the previous edition, we see that Kimizuka and Nagisa successfully solve the mystery of Yui’s potential assassination. It turns out that the goons were none other than regular gang members who were after the familial jewels.

Later on, the detectives offer Yui to be their partner in the cases to follow. The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5 is likely to introduce Siesta’s daughter to the audience. Charlotte Arisaka Anderson has always been in talks in the show. But, this will be the first time that Nagisa and Kimizuka will meet her. Let’s see if this meeting turns out to be a fruitful one or not!

Previous Episode Recap!

The 4th episode before The Detective is Already Dead was full of thrill and excitement as it was the peak of the case. Along with Yui, even the detectives were running for their lives. Yui was in the middle of her stage performance when the goons try to attack her. However, Kimizuka arrives just at the right time to rescue her. After taking down the gang members, they learn that Yui herself had lost her conscience during the performance. But she was about to kill the detectives, and her memories returned just in time. Later, when the case is solved, the two offer their client to be a partner in the detective business.

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5: Release Date

The coming weekend is clearly going to be a busy one for you. With One Piece, Boruto, and other anime coming in, there is little time to waste doing the laundry and the dishes. So, The Detective is Already Dead Episode 5 is all set to land on screens on August 1, 2021. You can watch all the latest episodes of the new anime on Funimation and TDIAD. The episodes also regularly release on Muse Communications’ official YouTube Channel.

Are you excited to watch the fifth episode of The Detective is Already Dead? What are your thoughts about the anime so far? Please share your opinions and feedback with us in the comment box below. Lastly, for more latest news updates on upcoming episodes, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.