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Those Snow White Notes Season 2: Canceled or Renewed? All Latest Details

After a long wait of eleven years, fans finally saw the anime adaptation of Those Snow White Notes earlier this year. However, the series had a short run, and it certainly wasn’t enough to fulfill the cravings of its fans. As a result, they began to demand Those Snow White Notes Season 2 right after watching the first season finale of this anime. So, when will they get to see the sequel of this show? Keep reading to know. 

Those Snow White Notes, also known as Mashiro no Oto, is a Japanese coming-of-age drama anime TV series. It is an adaptation of Marimo Ragawa’s manga series of the very title. Shin-Ei Animation produced the first twelve episodes run of the anime series. This show came out on April 3, 2021, and ran till June 19 of the same year. 

Those Snow White Notes Season 2

Mashiro no Oto Manga Compared To The Anime

Marimo Ragawa began the serialization of the manga series way back on December 5, 2009. Throughout its run of more than eleven years, the author has released a total of 27 volumes, and the great thing is that manga is still on the run. The inaugural installment of the anime remained faithful to its source material, but it did skip several chapters as its pacing was a bit too fast. The twelfth episode of Mashiro no Oto ended alongside Chapter 28 of Volume 8. Therefore, Shin-Ei Animation still has a lot of source material left to create Those Snow White Notes Season 2.

With the remaining volumes, they can easily make two more seasons of this coming-of-age musical drama. If the studio improves the pacing of the series in the forthcoming seasons, then the remaining chapters will be enough to make three more installments. 

Those Snow White Notes Season 2

Those Snow White Notes Season 2: Renewal Status

There was a lot of hype around the anime adaptation of Mashiro no Oto even before its release. The fans of the manga series were waiting to see the anime for a very long time. It finally happened earlier this year, and the great thing was that the show fulfilled their expectations. Those Snow White Notes impressed the audience and the critics and received a great response from them. At the time of writing, its score on MyAnimeList was 7.57. Also, the series has more than 109K members in its MAL group, which clearly indicates how popular this actually is.

At this moment, the makers don’t have any solid reason to cancel Those Snow White Notes Season 2. However, they will take their time in announcing the renewal as its first season only ended a few days back. So, fans don’t have to worry because this show will certainly make it to the screens again. 

Those Snow White Notes Season 2

Those Snow White Notes Season 2: Release Date

Most of the anime takes at least one or one and a half years in its production. This show is nothing different, so if it gets a renewal by the end of this year, it will take at least one year to return to the screens. Therefore, fans can expect Those Snow White Notes Season 2 to release in the first half of 2023. We will update this section accordingly.