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Tokyo Revengers Episode 24: Hinata Dies Again! Release Date & Plot

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 is the final episode of the pilot season. With the season ending course in the next two days, many fans are storming the internet with messages of distress. The series rose to popularity even before the first episode aired on Japanese television. And now, twenty-four weeks have gone by in no time. While the speculations of a second season can stay for a while, the events of the final episode have larger disclosures for the fans. What will happen in the final episode? Here is all you need to know about the new outing.

In the following episode, Takemichi will accept the position of the Captain of the first division in the Tokyo Manji gang. Happy with the outcome of his triumph, he will return back to the present. But to his surprise, he will learn that Hinata has died yet again, and Mikey has become the sole dictator of Tokyo. Can he change the events yet again?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24: Plot Details

The twenty-fourth episode is going to be the last episode of the pilot season. The title of the outing is going to be “A Cry Baby.” The War of the Bloody Halloween has also come to an end, and Tokyo finally has a new ruler. But Baji’s sacrifice has changed many things for the course of the future. Mitsuya will prepare the Tokyo Manji uniform for Takemichi to commemorate his arrival. Later, the gang meeting also brought many suspicions for Takemichi. Now that Baji’s position as the leader of the first division is empty, Chifuyu will have to crown a new captain.

Thus, he will choose Takemichi to adorn the captainship. Later, Takemichi will bid his farewell to all the new gang members. But in the present, he will find that Hinata died again. Not only that, but Mikey has become the sole ruler of Tokyo and all its gang. Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 will kick-start new adventures for him to come up in the new season. How will Takemichi undo the events once again?

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 23rd episode of Tokyo Revengers, Draken and Takemichi after the events of the deadly war. Baji is no more in this world, Kazutora is behind bars, and Mikey is the crownless ruler of Tokyo. Later, Draken asked Takemichi to walk with him to a special place. To his surprise, Draken took him to a brothel. At first, Hanagaki thought that Draken was playing a trick on him. But he revealed that this brothel was his home for all his life. All the workers here treat him like a family.

Takemichi noticed a portrait of Emma in Draken’s room. He asked if Emma was that important to him. Later, on his way back home, Takemichi saw Emma hugging Mikey. This raged suspicion within him as he thought Draken liked Emma. Hinata and Naoto showed up where Michi was hiding. When Draken arrived, he revealed that Emma and Mikey were cousins. The episode ended with the gathering of the Tokyo Manji gang. Takemichi has finally joined the cause under Draken’s cause.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24

Tokyo Revengers Episode 24: Release Date

The final episode will put an end to all the chaos and menace in the Tokyo undergrounds for the time being. But peace cannot last when gang wars are still on the rise. So, Tokyo Revengers Episode 24 will release this Saturday on September 18, 2021. The episode will premiere on Crunchyroll. The free version of all the episodes will release one week after the season has ended course. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more latest updates.