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My Hero Academia Chapter 326: Stain Helps All Might! Release Date

Last week was a tough time for the fans of My Hero Academia. MHA followers were expecting a new chapter, while all they got was a notice from the makers. The week-long hiatus was a result of the poor health conditions of mangaka Kohei Horikoshi. Fortunately, the artist is well and is getting back to work. Thus, the new chapter is also here. My Hero Academia Chapter 326 is around the corner, and fans are excited to know about Deku’s fate in the near future. Hence, here is all you need to know about the chapter.

Unfortunately, fans might not meet Deku and his classmates in the next chapter. This is because they will see All Might in the next edition. The former hero is extremely disheartened to see people and heroes in a state of austerity. Thus, he might try to take the blame for all the catastrophes. But Hero Killer Stain will reject his ideas and motivate the hero to act rather than sit in dismay.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326
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My Hero Academia Chapter 326: Plot Details!

The probable title of the upcoming chapter is going to be “Who Are You?” According to the latest plot details, the new chapter will start with All Might’s pov. The former hero will visit the training ground where Deku first fought against his own classmates. His eyes will fall upon the broken piece of his mask. He then glances at his own statue on the campus. All Might says that he could not save the students who needed him the most. At that moment, Stain comes to him and rejects the idea.

All Might briefly turn to his hero form to prove that he is disappointed in himself. But Stain refuses to believe that All Might has ever done any disgrace to the society. In My Hero Academia Chapter 326, Stain will declare that people love All Might because he is the beacon of hope. His smile and courage were the qualities that attracted people, not his powers. The chapter will end with Stain giving a knife to All Might that would contain the information from Tartarus.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326

Previous Chapter Recap!

In chapter 325 of the popular manga series, Deku talked to the civilians outside UA High Academy. Kota, the boy who Deku befriended on his forest training trip, came to apologize to him. Kota and a mutant woman emerged from the crowd and hugged Deku. The little boy said that he was utterly sorry for what happened to Deku. Moreover, he also apologized for not standing up for him when he needed him. However, Deku said that he had forgiven all of them and needed their support in the future.

Later, Ectoplasm, Endeavor, Hawks, and Shoto talked about the current situation outside the school. Endeavor took all the blame and said that he was responsible for Deku’s condition. The rest of the heroes rejected the idea and said they should stop dwelling around the past and focus on the future. The chapter also investigates Shota’s conditions. Principal Nezu met the teacher who had lost one leg and an eye. The chapter ended with All Might blankly staring at UA High and thinking about the fate of heroes.

My Hero Academia Chapter 326

My Hero Academia Chapter 326: Release Date

After a week-long hiatus due to the poor health of author Kohei Horikoshi, fans can finally get back to UA High Academy. Shueisha had announced only a few days ago that the new chapter would release very soon. Thus, My Hero Academia Chapter 326 will release this Saturday on September 18, 2021. The chapter will release on the official website of Viz Media at varying territorial timings. Moreover, Shueisha magazine will also launch on the same day.