Will Dragon Ball Super Movie Set Up The Return Of The Show?

Recently, TOEI Animation confirmed the arrival of a new Dragon Ball Super movie. The fans are very happy after hearing this news, but at the same time, they’re also wondering will the new film will set up the return of anime. It has been more than three years since we all last saw this show on the screen.

The show concluded with a banger Tournament of Power arc, and since then, they are demanding to see the sequel of this show. Firstly, the viewers thought the anime would adapt Dragon Ball Super: Broly and make it canon. But that didn’t happen so far. So, now everyone is hoping for the new movie to set up the return of the show. 

Dragon Ball Super movie

New Dragon Ball Super Movie To Feature Original Storyline!

By the look of the announcement, it seems like the new movie will feature an original storyline, characters, and screenplay from Akira Toriyama. This is despite the fact that they have enough source material to adapt from the manga. In fact, Akira himself stated that he is taking command of production for another brilliant film. He is heavily focused on the story and dialogues, just like the previous film. However, Akira didn’t reveal anything about its plot. But he said the new Dragon Ball Super movie would feature a lot of entertaining fights and an unexpected character. 

There are some speculations that the new film will adapt the storyline of Moro and his crew of intergalactic criminals. Akira Toriyama had a lot of involvement in this storyline. So, it would fit into the statement of his original story. If this happens, then there are great chances that the movie will set up the anime’s show return as not only can they retell this story in the show, but they also have Granola arc to continue the storyline.

Dragon Ball Super movie

It Already Happened Once!

When the Dragon Ball Super anime first aired back in 2015, it began with retelling the stories of Battle Of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’. So, the chances are great that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 will do the same. It might start with the storylines of Broly and the upcoming film before adapting the arcs of Moro and Granola.

No anime series or movie premiered in the last three years. However, the DBS franchise is still ruling the market and is making some great money. The manga is going great, and the sales of its merchandise and games are also impressive. Hence, it seems like there is no reason for the producers to hold back now. So, if TOEI Animation is willing to make Dragon Ball Super Season 2, fans will certainly see its premiere sometime after the new movie. 

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