Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul That Will Keep You Busy This Fall!

This is our list of the Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul. If you miss the action and drama from the 2014 action thriller, then this list is a treat for you. With just three and a half seasons, Tokyo Ghoul has managed to do what other long-standing anime couldn’t do in decades. With a loyal fanbase and a passionate community of viewers, the dominance of Tokyo Ghoul is still significant in the anime business.

The story of the popular anime is set in the mainlands of Tokyo, where ghouls lurk under the surface of the city. One fine day, Ken Kaneki goes out on a blind date. To his surprise, the lady turns out to be a ghoul who wants to eat him. Before she can completely devour him, Ken escapes. But, he is now a hybrid ghoul and gets the urge to consume human flesh. Now, if this dark story intrigues you, then read the list to get more juicy stuff. So, without any further ado, here are some of the Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul.


The first name on this list of the Best anime like Tokyo Ghoul is the 2012 psychological thriller by Production IG, Psycho-Pass. The reason why this show tops our list is because of its dark themes and lack of unnecessary filler arcs. You are given a straightforward conflict with a bunch of contrasting characters in a dystopian world. The story of Psycho-Pass revolves around a Sibyl System of justice that is established by the future rulers of Japan.

This system helps the database to recognize future criminals. However, the autocrats are not in agreement with this idea. Thus, a war of ideology begins.

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

Deadman Wonderland

The Deadman Wonderland anime series first hit television and digital screens in the year 2011. The show ran for a single season and still has one of the most loyal fanbases in the world. So, the story starts with the help of a prison for the most dangerous and intelligent criminals from around the world. All these criminals have had a history of challenging and exposing the corrupt system.

Thus, to keep them engaged by a bait, the elite class organizes an annual in-prison combatting championship, at the end of which is conditional freedom. If you enjoy the perks of action-packed drama like Tokyo Ghoul, then this one will be a treat for you.

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

Parasyte The Maxim

One of the most recurring anime in The Anime Daily listicles is Parasyte The Maxim. The reason behind this is the versatility and mass appeal of the superhero genre. So, if you don’t know what this show is about, then here’s a short sum up for you. During an alien invasion on earth, Shinichi Izumi is asleep wearing large headphones. As a result, the bug-like alien couldn’t enter his brain through his ear.

Thus, Migi gets control of Shinichi’s right arm. Now, both of them are bound by fate. With different obligations, which path will the two choose? Watch Parasyte The Maxim to find out.

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

Akame Ga Kill

If you enjoy watching shows that challenge the corrupt governmental system, then Akame Ga Kill is the opening door for you. The story begins in a poor village where the common people are dying of disease and hunger. An able boy, who is also the protagonist, wants to help his fellow villagers by raising funds from the people and authorities of the Capital. But as he reaches the adjacent towns of the kingdom, Tatsumi realizes that the entire Nation is in a similar condition.

This is only because of the greed and personal interests of their ruler. Hence, he joins the Night Raid organization to fight this system and ease the struggles of the common people.

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul

Attack On Titan

The next name on this list of the Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul is a show that needs no introduction. A final season that the entire world awaits in the coming years is surely a no-brainer. We are talking about Attack On Titan. Since 2013, the world of anime was turned upside down because Wit Studio brought in a major competition. For the Martians who don’t know the plot of AoT, here’s a brief for you. The story is based in the claustrophobic city of Paradise (ironic).

Here, humans are protecting themselves from the incoming Titans by enclosing the city with three walls. However, it turns out that the walls were only as strong as cardboard when the real Titans arrived. As a result, a grave war breaks out, and there is only bloodshed and massacre all around. Do finish watching AoT before the final season arrives this winter.

Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul


Ever since the author of Berserk passed away, more and more fans are reading his legendary work to acknowledge the loss. The story of Berserk is set in medieval European lands where demons are openly devouring helpless humans. The only resort of these people is Guts, a lone soldier who has pledged to kill demons and eliminate their entire existence. As he travels from town to town, the Band of the Hawks invites him to join their cause of slaying demons. Now, Guts, Griffith, and their fellow Hawks take on missions to slay monsters and rescue innocents from their lands.



The Claymore anime series is an underrated show. If you judge the show by its visuals, art style, writing, music, and story, you will know that lesser people are talking about this one. The story follows the titular character that journeys from town to town to save innocents from the blood-thirsty demons. The twist is that Claymore herself is a hybrid demon. Meaning that she is half a human and half a “Youma.” Thus, Claymore and her team of monster hunters save and protect the common folk from the wrath of Youmas.



The last name on this list of the Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul is the horror thriller from the year 2012 called Another. The story is based around the Yomiyama Middle School, where Koichi Sakakibara is a new student. Much like one can guess, the new student is shy and curious in the initial days of his admission. However, as he attends more and more classes, he finds that a mysterious girl also follows his class, but she interacts with no one. Even his peers don’t seem to notice her existence.

Out of curiosity, he tries to talk to the stranger. This leads to a shocking revelation that one must watch through themselves. A subtle hint- your guesses are right!


With Another, we have come to the conclusion of this list of the Best Anime Like Tokyo Ghoul. Tell us which of these shows you have watched already. And which show do you plan on watching next? Please share your personal reviews of Tokyo Ghoul with us in the comment box below. For more such exciting listicles, The Anime Daily is your place.

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