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Blue Lock Chapter 153: Shidou Is Back! Release Date & Plot Details

Blue Lock Chapter 153 will kick-start the action once again. All the players of the team received the notification that the Blue Lock project would commence once again. This means that it is time to prepare for the world cup once again. This training time would be more particular as all players are in touch with their strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it would be easy to set the goalpost for upcoming matches. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming chapter.

The next chapter of Blue Lock has some amazing reunions held in store for the fans. First, Isagi and Itoshi will come back to the field once again. Moreover, the chapter has also teased that Shidou would come back to the training complex. Fans are overjoyed with the return of this character. It is only a matter of time until the readers can get a glimpse of him in the story.

Blue Lock Chapter 153
Weekly Shonen

Blue Lock Chapter 153: Plot Details!

The last panel of the previous chapter gave away the title of the latest chapter. So, the 153rd chapter will be titled “Environment.” The next outing will commence Phase 2 of the Blue Lock project. This means that the champions will reunite once again at the training arena. Once again, the aim is going to be the U-20 World Cup. This will be a different time for the team. In the first phase, the team was still forming, and the players were getting to know each other.

However, after playing at on world cup, not only does the team know each other well, but they also know their own flaws as well. On the one hand, Isagi is going to work hard on his skills. He would polish his existing skillset. On the flip side, his brother has more internal conflicts to deal with. This includes his rage impulses and ego issues. Blue Lock Chapter 153 will also touch upon the reunion of the team after a long holiday.

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Blue Lock Chapter 153
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Previous Chapter Recap!

The 152nd chapter of the Blue Lock manga was titled “Restart.” The chapter began with Itoshi Sae enjoying some secluded time at the seashore. Even on his day off, he was thinking about his last match. During the match’s final moments, Nii-chan had recognized that Itoshi would fall for the trap and give in to his impulse. Itoshi thought that even though they lost because of his ego, it was still liberating for him to release his anger. However, he was still leading behind Isagi in the game.

Back when he got home, his parents gave him a warm welcome. They told him that they understood nothing of football. Thus, loss and victory did not matter to them. They only wanted their sons to live the lives of their choice. This inspired him to think in an optimistic direction. By the end of the chapter, all the players received a notification from Blue Lock at the beginning of the project once again.

Blue Lock Chapter 153
Weekly Shonen

Blue Lock Chapter 153: Release Date

The teasing of Shidou’s arrival has sparked quite a discussion amongst fans. The readers are intrigued to see when the boy returns to the story. So, Blue Lock Chapter 153 is scheduled to release next week on November 24, 2021. The chapter will be available in the weekly issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Manga. Stay tuned with The Anime daily for more.

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