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Danmachi Season 4 Official Trailer Confirms 2022 Release! Plot, Cast & More

The long wait is finally over as the makers have confirmed Danmachi Season 4 for a premiere. The show has stretched up to three seasons so far, and fans were also met with an OVA release back in April 2020. So, as Warner Bros. Japan green signals the next season, a trailer also made its way to the eager fans. Hence, Bell and his adventures are yet to cease. Now, which moments did the trailer capture? Plus, when is the release scheduled? Here are all the details.

Danmachi is also known as ‘Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?’ is a light novel series. Plus, the word ‘Danmachi’ in English translates to Familia Myth. The series is Fujino Omori’s creation, while Suzuhito Yasuda illustrates the art. It came out in 2015, and the sales have reached many heights. In fact, it has crossed the sales of another famous light novel, Sword Art Online. While fans were overjoyed at the news of the renewal, the trailer has doubled the excitement.

Danmachi Season 4

Danmachi Season 4: Unveils Official Trailer!

The news came out in January via Crunchyroll, which streams all the seasons of the anime series. In addition, Danmachi launched its first trailer on January 4, 2022. It reveals the first looks of the characters for the new season. Fans are eagerly waiting for the new season to hit all the platforms, and the clip has amplified their anticipation. The short clip features the main lead and the supporting roles.

However, this is not all, and it also shares what direction the fourth season will move forward in. Hence, the next chapter will revolve around the Labyrinth arc of the story. The video further confirms the detail that the series will premiere this year. The show has been a fan favorite since 2015, and the last release in October 2020 was also a huge success. Fans hope the newest chapter will maintain the hype.

What Will The Plot Be About?

The official trailer came with another crucial detail about the show, which is the plot! In addition, the series was already expected to take over the plot from the last season. So, it will directly follow where it left off in Volume 11. Plus, the teaser trailer also introduces a plot for the next release.

According to the recent trailer, the plot will follow Bell Cranel’s series of adventures that he takes as he moves forward. This time he has met the Goddess Hestia, which turns his life upside down. He then journeys further and grows stronger in the process. However, this is put at a halt when he enters Orario’s pleasure quarter. This is where Ishtar familia reigns supreme. Soon, his enemies circle, and he realizes he needs the help of the fox-eared courtesan, for this might be his only way out of the danger.

Danmachi Season 4

Who Is Joining The Cast?

The official cast team is yet to be out. However, a few characters are bound to make a return. This includes Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as the main lead, Bell Cranel whereas, Inori Minase as Hestia. Next, Saori Ōnishi will take the role of Ais Wallenstein while Haruka Tomatsu voices for Eina Tulle. Lastly, the newest addition of the second season, Weiss. Rina Hidaka voices for the character.

The series is a work of the J.C. Staff animation studio. It has produced all the projects of the franchise. Whereas, Hideki Tachibana is the director of the last two seasons whereas, Yoshiki Yamakawa has his name on the first installment. No confirmation news about the staff team has surfaced till now. However, it is unlikely that Hideki will be replaced for the next season.

Danmachi Season 4

Danmachi Season 4: Release Date

Unfortunately, no specific release date has been announced by the makers. Plus, no release month has also been confirmed. However, fans can expect the debut in July 2022 because of the earlier pattern of releases. The episodes of both the series and OVAs are available on Crunchyroll for streaming. We will update the release section once it is out. Hence, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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