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Darwin’s Game Manga Ending Soon: New Project Announced! Release Date

There are some recent developments in Darwin’s Game Manga. The series became famous because of its unique characters and battle royale setting. Fans have been loyal to the series for over a decade, and now it might finally be coming to an end. The series made an announcement in its 25th volume about the same. The announcement is about the manga’s ending. So, here is everything you need to know about Darwin’s Game Manga announcement.

FLIPFLOPs wrote and illustrated the manga, Darwin’s Game. Shu Miyama is the story’s writer, and Yuki Takahata is the illustrator. Bessatsu Shōnen Champion serialized Darwin’s Game in 2012. The series is currently ongoing. As of 2022, there are 25 volumes of the compiled manga chapters. FLIPFLOPs also launched a prequel to the story in 2020. In addition, Studio Nexus produced an anime adaptation of the series in 2020 which ran for 11 episodes. Moreover, Yoshinobu Tokumoto was the show’s director, and Shu Miyama was in charge of the script. 

Darwin's Game Manga

Darwin’s Game Manga: Official Announcement!

Darwin’s Game Manga’s 25th volume was released recently, and it came with an announcement. The news confirmed that the manga is in its climax. In January 2020, the story had entered its final arc. The “last event” of the manga began in the 22nd volume of the series. Since the fans had been expecting the manga to conclude by the next volume. 

Moreover, the announcement also declared that there would be a spin-off series. It was revealed that Rein Kashiwagi or Rain will be the main character in the spin-off. Fans are eager to know more about Rain and her own story leading to the Sunset Ravens. Although Kaname and Shuka will feature in the spin-off, they will not be as important.

Darwin's Game Manga

Plot Details!

As for the original storyline, the series follows Kaname Sudo, a 17-year-old high school student. One day, Kaname accepts an online invitation from his friend to play Darwin’s Game. Although Kaname thinks this is just a normal game. But he realizes soon that the stakes are too high. Players are given a Sigil, a special ability to kill each other. However, Kaname does not want to kill. He decides to enlist the help of Shuka and Rain to create a group called the Sunset Ravens. The story follows Kaname as he tries to clear the Game and attempts to find the game master. Fans are eager to see if Kaname can fulfill his goal in the new story.

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Darwin's Game Manga

Darwin’s Game Manga: Release Details 

There is no official information yet about the climax’s release. The creators have also not released any information about the spin-off. However, fans speculate that the manga will be completed by the end of 2022. The new project would commence only after that. So, keep an eye on this space for further details about Darwin’s Game Manga.

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