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Hakumei and Mikochi Season 2: Renewed? When Will It Return? Release Details

Hakumei and Mikochi is one of the cutest slice-of-life anime series that premiered back in 2018. It celebrates the friendship of two girls who go on adventures together. Fans really liked their story, and now they’re demanding to see more of it Hakumei and Mikochi Season 2. They have been waiting for the last three and half years to see a new season. So, when will they get to see its new set of episodes? Here are all the latest details. 

The popular series Hakumei And Mikochi is a Japanese fantasy slice of life anime. It is an adaptation of Takuto Kashiki’s manga series of the same name. Lerche animation studio animated its first installment, which has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks. The very first episode of this show came out on January 12, 2019, whereas its twelfth and last episode hit the screens on March 30 of the same year.

Hakumei and Mikochi Season 2

Hakumei And Mikochi Season 2: Renewal Status

Only the first few episodes of this anime were enough to make anyone fall in love with it. The great is that the show only gets better with every single episode. As a result, it got a brilliant response from the audience and the critics. Its ratings and viewership were also great. At the time of writing, it holds a score of 7.66 on MyAnimeList, which is really great. The show’s overall ranking on the platform is #1153. Also, it has more than 53K members in its MAL group, which indicates that the show is quite popular as well. The author of the manga series has already released nine volumes, and the manga is still on the run.

So, Lerche doesn’t have a shortage of source material too. At present, everything seems to be in favor of Hakumei And Mikochi Season 2. However, over the course of almost four years, the popularity of this show has been slightly decreased. So, this might be the reason why the makers haven’t given it the green light. But if the demand to see this show’s second season increases in the near future, the producers will likely wave the green flag. 

Hakumei and Mikochi Season 2

What’s The Show About? 

The story of Hakumei And Mikochi is set in a world that is inhabited by a few inches tall people. Its plot revolves around two young girls named Hakumei & Mikoichi. They live together in a treehouse. The personalities of both these girls are quite different as Hakumei is a tomboyish carpenter, where Mikoichi is calm and composed and works as a tailor. The story of this show is all about the day-to-day lives of these characters as they go on adventures, sightseeing, shopping, and perform other activities together. 

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Hakumei and Mikochi Season 2

Hakumei And Mikochi Season 2: Release Date

It is really difficult to guess the release date of the second season of this slice of life drama until it gets an official renewal from the makers. There is a possibility that it will receive the most-awaited green light by next year. So, if it gets a renewal in the next five-six months, then Hakumei And Mikochi Season 2 might hit the screens by the end of 2023. 

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