[Release ] March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3: Will The Anime Return?

For the past three years, the fans have been anticipating March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3. However, they are yet to see the second installment of their favorite anime series. Most of the anime viewers don’t even know about this series which is quite a masterpiece. It only took the first episode of this show to hook viewers into binging all the episodes. So, will there be a third season of 3-Gatsu No Lion anime? Keep reading to know.

March Comes In Like A Lion, aka 3-Gatsu No Lion, is a Japanese coming-of-age anime series. It is the remake of the slice-of-life manga series of the same title by Chica Umino. The manga was quite popular in Japan. As a result, Shaft decided to adapt it into the anime series, which premiered on October 8, 2016. After its successful first season, the makers released its sequel on October 14, 2017.

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3: Renewal Status!

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3

Both installments of 3-Gatsu no Lion ran for 22 episodes. However, the fans are still not satisfied and desperately want to see more of the anime series. All the previous installments met with a positive critical reception. It got the same response from the viewers as well. Despite that, the makers or the production company are yet to announce the fate of the anime. They haven’t greenlit or canceled March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3 so far. So, the current renewal status of the series is not certain. But it is likely that the studio will announce something regarding its third season very soon. 

Is There Enough Source Material? 

Just like other anime shows, this one also follows the plot from the manga series. Therefore, it is important for the production company to have enough source material to create another season. Chica Umino, the author of the manga series, has released a total of 15 volumes so far. These 15 volumes have a total of 166 chapters. The second season of the anime series ended on Chapter 88 of its manga’s ninth volume. This means the makers still have 88 chapters to create March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3. Shaft Studio can even make two installments of the anime with the remaining chapters. 

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3 Release Date

The anime series has a great score of 8.43 on MyAnimeList. It is ranked #134 on the rating platform and is quite popular. Some fans also described this show as a masterpiece. Moreover, the manga series is also equally popular and already bagged several awards. Plus, the animation studio has more than enough source material to create the third season. Therefore, the chances for March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3 are quite high. The hiatus might trouble the fate of the series a little. But the odds are more in favor of the third season. 

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