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Platinum End Episode 4: Struggle To Pierce Metropoliman! Release Date & Plot

The title of Platinum End Episode 4 is “Time to Assemble.” The next episode will feature the other God candidates trying to hit Metropoliman with their arrows. However, the previous episode already revealed that they wouldn’t be able to pierce his suit. Meanwhile, Saki and Mira are still at the stands observing the situation in front of them. The fans can expect to see some new characters in the next episode of this dark fantasy thriller.

Its viewers will finally get to know the identity of the other two God candidates. Firstly, they will try to figure out why their arrows can’t hit that particular candidate. So, will they be able to find that out? Will Mirai know the real identity of Metropoliman? Only the forthcoming episode will tell. So, here is everything to know about it. 

Platinum End Episode 4

Platinum End Episode 4: Plot Details

The next episode of the anime series will open with the other two God nominees trying to hit Metropoliman with their arrows. However, they will struggle before finding out that the guy they are fighting is just a decoy. Metropoliman already hit that guy with a red arrow, and hence he can’t be hit by another arrow for the next 33 days. 

Platinum End Episode 4 will reveal that the name of one of the two guys who appeared is Tabuchi. He is even ready to sacrifice his life. He just wants to stop a sickening person like Metropoliman from becoming a God. The next episode might also feature the backstory of Tabuchi. After that, the duo will call out for the real Metropoliman to come and face them head-on. However, it is unlikely that fight will happen. 

Platinum End Episode 4

Previous Episode Recap!

The third episode of Platinum End opens with an angel suddenly confronting Mirai at the school. He revealed that he was with Saki. The latter shot hit Mirai with a red arrow without wasting any time. However, it didn’t have much effect on Mirai as he already had feelings for her. Saki told her to go to her place and wait in her room. At Saki’s place, Revel told Saki to ask him whether he had white arrows or not. He was shocked after hearing that Mirai’s angel is an S-Rank. Revel was known as an “Angel of Trickery,” and hence he convinced Mirai to go confront Metropoliman. 

However, Nasse appeared in the nick of time and stopped Mirai from going into the death battle. Saki can’t fly as she only has red arrows and nothing else. As a result, Mirai merged his armband with her so that he could help her overcome this problem. Soon 33 days passed by, but Mirai’s behavior still remained the same. In the ending moments, both Saki and Mirai went to the stadium in order to observe Metropliman and other God candidates. 

Platinum End Episode 4

Platinum End Episode 4: Release Date

The fans have really high hopes for this show as it came from the creators of Death Note. So far, the series has performed really well, and its plot is only getting better with every single episode. Platinum End Episode 4 is all set to release on Friday, October 29, 2021. The new episodes of this dark fantasy anime are available to watch on Funimation and Crunchyroll. 

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