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Solo Levelling Chapter 169: War b/w Monarchs & Rulers! Release Date

Solo Levelling Chapter 169 is almost around the corner, and fans cannot stop talking about it. The war is about to begin, and so much is yet to be answered. In the previous chapter, Jin-Woo shared a personal dialogue with his men. He talked to them about the difference he had been seeing between the men. Later on, he visited his mother and sister to talk to them for the last time. This was one of the most heart-rending scenes of the chapter. What will happen between the Monarch and the Rulers? Here is all you need to know.

In the forthcoming chapter, the Monarchs and the Rulers will collide head-on. Jin Woo revealed that the Gate of Shangai was increasing in size, and the war could begin at any moment. Fans can expect to see an inspiring speech from Jin Woo right before the final fight began. It will be interesting to see how the tables turn when the fighting commences.

Solo Levelling Chapter 169

Solo Levelling Chapter 169: Plot Details

In the forthcoming chapter of Solo Levelling, the war between the Rulers and the Monarchs will commence. Jin-Woo has done all the preparations for the war. But before prepping his army, Jin-Woo will once again meet his mother and sister and talk about his father. His mother is likely to inspire him with the heroic stories of his father. Later, Jin-Woo will deliver a brave speech to his men. He will motivate them to give in their all and join the fight with all their might.

Fans can also expect to see the pov of the two armies, including the Rulers and the Monarchs. The preparation and war formations of the two sides will be explored in the next outing. In Solo Levelling Chapter 169, Jin-Woo will also explore the mystery of the new Gate in Shangai. The chapter is likely to end with the beginning of the war with the first War Cry.

Solo Levelling Chapter 169

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 168th chapter of the popular manhwa, Jin-Woo gave a speech within his own army to reunite the people. He talked to all the soldiers who wanted to be a part of his endeavor. He also addressed the growing differences between the members of his army. Later, after the army meeting was over, Jin-Woo went to his mother to take a break from all the fighting. Then, the mother and son cooked together for the soldiers. Jin Woo’s sister also entered the kitchen to talk to her family.

His mother commented that even Jin Woo’s father was very keen on cooking. She explained that even his father used to indulge in cooking before beginning a dangerous mission. Later, Jin-Woo met with Yoo Myung-Han to convince him to look after his family if something happened to him. Later, he revealed that a great war would fall upon them as the Rulers and the Monarchs are ready to collide head-on.

Solo Levelling Chapter 169

Solo Levelling Chapter 169: Release Date

The latest chapter of the Solo Levelling manga is all set to bring epic action to the floors. The war between the rulers and the Monarchs and turn at any point. Who will win the ultimate war? So, Solo Levelling Chapter 169 will release this Thursday on September 30, 2021. Fans will find the chapter on the official website of Kakaopage. Keep an eye on this corner for more updates.