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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Elec Brings Back Bardock! Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 is lined-up for a release in the month of November. Fans are eager to read the chapter. But before that, they are looking forward to the plot details of the chapter. So far, only one raw scan has surfaced over the internet. The picture was more than enough to strike a spark amongst the readers. The picture is in reference to the first draft page. So, what can be expected from the next chapter? What happened in Bardock and Elec’s story? Here is all you need to know about the chapter.

In the upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super, fans can expect intense action sequences both in the past and the present storylines. On the one hand, Goku and Granola are pitched against the Heeters. On the other side, Bardock’s story is yet to be concluded. Amid this back and forth, many secrets from the past will unfold. It will be interesting to see who was the real convict in the destruction of Planet Cereal. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of Dragon Ball Super will continue the storyline of the destruction of Planet Cereal. So far, Monato has only told Goku and Granola about the Saiyan invasion. Now, she will continue to dictate more. The first story within this is going to be the battle between Bardock and Gas. It is most likely that Elec might use his wish to revive Bardock. This will ignite Gas, which would ultimately result in an intense battle.

Cut to the present, the Saiyan warriors are also set to battle Heeters. Goku, Vegeta, and Granola will team up against the main convicts. However, the last battle established that the Heeters had truly grown into power. Thus, it will be difficult for the three warriors to keep up against a numbered Heeters. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will also touch upon Bardock’s past arc. The story of his sacrifice is expected to play out in this outing.

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Previous Chapter Recap!

In Chapter 77 of Dragon Ball Super, the flashback sequence of Freeza destroying Planet Cereal played out. It was revealed that the Saiyans had begun the destruction on the orders of Freeza. The Cerealians fought bravely. One of them, Flayk, even managed to neutralize the Ape form of the Saiyans. Later, Granola’s mother was shown protecting her son from the Saiyans. She even injured Bardock during the process. 

On the other hand, Bardock’s wife was also in labor. She exclaimed that Bardock was not with her during the birth of their first child. When the child was born, she decided to name the boy “Kakarot.” Monato dictated that Planet Cereal was attacked multiple times after this. Many invaders came and tried to destroy their homeland. But in the end, a band of Gorillas called the Saiyans finally destroyed all the remaining survivors.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78
Viz Media

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Release Date

The most recent chapter of DBS is all set to showcase the best of Akira Toriyama’s actions. The Heeters will not spare any of the fighters. So, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 is scheduled to release on November 20, 2021. Fans will find all the chapters of the manga only on the official website of Viz Media. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more.

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