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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Re-Encounter With The Heeters! Release Date

The previous chapter of Dragon Ball Super featured Monaito telling the real story of the attack on the Planet Cereal that happened 40 years ago. It also featured Bardock, the father of Goku, who actually saved Granolah during that attack. Now Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will feature how will Granolah react after hearing the truth about everything that happened. Bardock even got the flashback of a newly born Goku when he saw Granolah with his mother.

The great thing is that fans even got to see the mother of Goku in the previous chapter. Now, the Heeters who killed Mezuli, Granolah’s mother, are returning to take their revenge on the Saiyan. Granolah now knows that they’re the ones responsible for his mother’s death. He will also go for his revenge. So, what will happen when these incredibly strong warriors come face to face? Only the next chapter will tell, so here is everything to know about it. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78
Viz Media

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Plot Details

In the ending moments of the previous chapter, the readers saw the Heeters returning to the Planet Cereal. The one who fought Bardock was sure that he collided with a Saiyan and is hopeful of getting his revenge. Coincidentally, Vegeta, Goku, and Granolah are also present at the same place. So, it is certain the Heeters would mistake Goku for Bardock as they look exactly the same. Meanwhile, Granolah will get even more furious than before after seeing the culprits who murdered his mother. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 will begin the battle between the Heeters and Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta. The formers are also quite powerful as they deflected the attack of Bardock very easily 40 years ago. In the previous chapter, they also stated they had gotten stronger. Therefore, the fans can expect to see the beginning of a very intense team battle in the upcoming chapter. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78
Viz Media

Previous Chapter Recap

In the 77th chapter of Dragon Ball Super, the viewers saw Saiyans attacking the planet Cereal. They were killing everyone on the orders of Frieza. Monaito managed to get the Dragon Balls from the elder and hid. A Cerelian named Flayk did manage to undo the Ape form of the Saiyans. However, they were still powerful enough to beat them. Later, Bardock saw Muzeli protecting his son Granolah from the attack. She even attacked him and injured his hand. 

Bardock got the flashback where his wife was complaining about him not being around during the birth of his child. She told him to name their child, and he chose to name him “Kakarot.” Monaito revealed how Bardock carried them to him so that he could protect him. Granolah asked him about the death of his mother, and he revealed she was killed by the Heeters. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78: Release Date

DBS is a monthly manga series as Toriyama release only one new chapter every month. Hence, its fans have to wait for a few more weeks to read its new chapter. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 78 is set to release on Saturday, November 20, 2021. The new chapter will be available to read on Viz Media. 

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