13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime
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13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime That Leave You In Tears!

This is our list of the 13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime! Ever since Game of Thrones arrived on global screens, it changed the way people perceived deaths and heartbreaking moments. Suddenly, the death of prime characters began to get romanticized. But little do people know that this is a long-stretched concept in anime. Heartbreaking moments and death scenes are not a new concept to the anime world.

Over the years, multiple anime series and films have given fans tears of grief by eliminating favorite characters. Today, we will have a look at all those moments that were downright unwatchable and unacceptable. Tell us which anime scene was your personal trainwreck! So, without any further ado, here is a list of the Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime.

Grave of the Fireflies: The Death Of Setsuko

The first name on this list of Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime is when Seita was almost too late to save his ailing sister Setsuko. Towards the end of the film, we see that another airstrike falls upon Japan. Later on, Seita rushes off to find some food from the abandoned houses. But before he can bring some actual food for his sister, Setsuko took her last breath. The shock and pain of the loss are equally felt by the viewers as much as by Seita. This one left us feeling empty and anxious by the end of this film.

13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime

Assassination Classroom: Koro Sensei’s Assassination

Even though the entire crux of Assassination Classroom revolves around the killing of Koro, there is a certain sense of love that the character develops with both the audience as well as his students. But as the show approaches the part where the classmates can finally assassinate Koro, everybody wants to avoid this scene. The realization that the back and forth between the teacher and the students will not show up anymore takes away the joy of his killing.

Even though he was supposed to be an evil creature, Koro was certainly not the villain of the show. Thus, his assassination is one of the most heartbreaking scenes that one can ever watch.

13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime

One Piece: Destruction of the Straw Hats Ship

The next scene that comes in the list of Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime is the burning down of the Straw Hats Ship, Going Merry. Sometimes, even inanimate objects become a desirable part of a show. The same is the case with Luffy’s ship. There are so many memories associated with this ship, and saying goodbye feels like a funeral. In fact, the team also gave it a royal funeral by bidding farewell speeches and last words. Fan have to watch this scene with a heavy heart because a member of the Straw Hats is going away.

straw hats one piece

Death Note: The Final Goodbye Of Yagami Light

Light Yagami from the cult classic anime Death Note is one of the best anti-heroes we’ve ever come across. Have you ever cried over the death of a villain? Your answer is probably no. Well, this time, you might. In the second arc of Death Note, when Near finally busts Yagami Light with his identity as Kira, it feels like justice. But since the boy is hit by multiple bullets, we know his end is near. Light runs and runs in the orange beauty of dawn only to look back at all his deeds.

The pain-staking catharsis of this character is one of the most well-written death scenes in the history of anime. It will leave you rooting for the anti-hero even after knowing all his evildoings.

death note

Naruto: Itachi Uchiha’s Death

Deaths are an inseparable part of filmmaking. And for the past few decades, the killing of prime characters has become a cult for many shows. One such scene was the ultimate goodbye of Itachi Uchiha in Naruto. Since the beginning, fans hated the character of Itachi without knowing his real ambitions. As the show reveals that he was suffering from a life taking ailment, it becomes clear that the primary judgment of this character was wrong all along.

In fact, it was Uchiha who served a great deal in preventing deaths and war. By the end, when Itachi falls down fighting Sasuke, viewers cannot help but cry tears of grief and regret. Hence, this one surely is one of the Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime.



Yu Yu Hakusho: Genkai’s Death

When Yusuke’s master dies in his arms, fans cannot help but cry out. Even on her deathbed, Genkai tries to give life advice to her student and forgive him for all his naive mistakes. Another heartbreaking arc to her death was the fact that it was none other than her lover who killed her at the end. It was Toguro who had developed a deep hatred for his former partner that ultimately lead to the big fight between them. Inherently, you will end up feeling devastated and agonized by the unjust death of Genkai.

13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime

My Hero Academia: All Might’s Last Fight

In the third season of My Hero Academia, All For One finally revives his body and appears to help Shigiraki escape. Finding this as a chance to finish what was started ages ago, All Might shows up. What follows is one of the most epic fights in the entire history of anime. This episode also happens to be one of the top 10 TV show episodes on IMDb. So, All Might is losing grip over his powers, and all that remains is the last embers of One For All.

With the little powers, All Might defeats All For One at the behest of his own life. The entire 20-minute episode will leave you in tears as All Might calls Deku to follow in his footsteps and become the next savior of humanity.


13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime

Parasyte The Maxim: Reiko’s Sacrifice

The next scene that we are listing on this list of the Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime is when Reiko gives her life to save her child. This scene happens to be a subplot in Parasyte The Maxim. Well, Reiko is a parasite with a human child. After spending enough time with the human baby, she ultimately develops maternal feelings for the child. When the Parasyte authorities finally arrive to execute the child, she steps in just as Lilly stepped in to save Harry. Later on, the child is handed over to Shinichi to be taken care of. This is easily one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire run of the show.

13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime

Death Note: L’s Death

Another Death Note scene that makes it to this list is the final goodbye of L Lawiet. During the second arc of Death Note, as soon as Yagami retains the memories of Kira, the first name that he writes in the Death Note is that of L. Within seconds, the detective falls flat to his face with the realization that they have made a grave mistake. The unexpected incoming of this scene leaves viewers stunned. It will take your moments before realizing that tears are rolling down your cheeks. There is nothing more heartbreaking than the loss of a protagonist.

Death Note

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Jonathan Joestar’s Final Bid

Talking of losing protagonists, let’s revisit the death of Jonathan Joestar in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. JBA has always been the fun kind of show that really touches the emotional arcs of stories. However, after watching a character for so long, we are bound to get attached to it. So, when Joestar’s wife was threatened by Dio, it was Jonathan who steps in to take the smash for her. What follows is a heartbreaking goodbye of the couple as Jonathan leaves his wife by herself.

13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime

Demon Slayer Mugen Train: Tanjiro’s Final Goodbye To Rengoku

One more goodbye that will leave you in tears is from Demon Slayer Mugen Train. By the end of the film, when the team successfully saves every member of the train without casualties, the upper-ranking demon Akaza arrives to attack the demon slayers. As a result, Renguko sacrifices himself to save the weaker warriors. What follows is a devastating speech by Tanjiro where he promises Renguko that he will avenge his death by destroying Akaza and Kibutsuji. Both the setting and background score of this scene will make you cry the tears of loss.

Demon Slayer

Dragon Ball: Chi-Chi and Goten’s Assassination

Talking about loss, how can we not mention one of the most heart-rending deaths in Dragon Ball. In the Black Goku arc, Zamasu disguises as Goku and enters his home. Unaware of this, both Chi-Chi and Goten warmly welcome their father. However, Goku Black murders both of them in cold blood. In a matter of minutes, Goku’s entire family is eliminated. The suddenness and shock of this scene will make you grieve the loss for multiple episodes.


13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime

Your Lie in April: Kaori’s Death

The last scene that adds to this list of the Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime is when Kaori befalls death in Your Lie in April. The violinist who taught Kо̄sei Arima to live a new life ends up losing her own. With Kōsei giving the performance of his life on the live stage, Kaori struggles to take in her last breath at the death bed. The contrast between these two scenes will leave you shattered by the end. As Kōsei finishes his last performance, Kaori also takes her final breath.

13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime

With this, we have come to the conclusion of our list of the 13 Most Heartbreaking Moments In Anime. Tell us which scene was the most heartbreaking for you. Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more such exciting listicles on anime, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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